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  1. Sorry to hear you might be letting her go Pete. Hope you get a good offer. You are welcome to fish aboard HFF anytime (once she is back in the water of course!)
  2. boyscott


    Not HFF unfortunately- she has been ashore all month 😞
  3. Happy 16th Jacob. Hope to see you down on F pontoon before long
  4. Jerry makes a good point about enjoying other people's reports, especially if not able to get out, so albeit a bit late... Saturday the weather was great but the fishing not so. It didn't matter as it was nice to be out in T-shirt weather. Someone had parked a great big cruise liner where I intended to fish so I went a bit further and dropped the hook. I expected a fierce ebb tide at some point but apart from the middle hour or so it wasn't too bad. Aside from few whiting and dogfish the only interest fish-wise was a 2lb brill which was most welcome. When I got back to Cobbs I tied up on the quay-side of F to wash down while the tide rose enough to get back to the mooring on the other side. Lovely day out 😎
  5. Been watching the forecast for a couple of days. Originally hoped Friday would be on but some inconsiderate people have filled up the diary with work - oh well got to pay the mooring fees somehowπŸ™‚ Might have a look on Sat if it holds. As you say its a big tide
  6. Yes they gave me the discount after a bit of a discussion He sounded pretty fed up with it to be honest so I expect there has been a number of similar issues
  7. Just a heads up in case you have not yet received your notice of renewal for annual berthing fees. Mine has always arrived by post before so when I hadn't seen it by the end of Jan I enquired via email. Frank (the GM) responded very quickly that MDL had decided this year to send them all via email without warning us and in my case they were using an obsolete email address. He sent it by post and it arrived the next day but I wonder what would have happened if months had gone by. So, check the contact details they are holding on your account. Cheers all
  8. Its certainly looking a tad murky near the chain ferry
  9. Unfortunately I have decided not to go. The weather looks great but reading the news this morning I just don't want to end up on the wrong side of an over zealous cop doing a difficult job in a difficult time. All the best to anyone who does venture out - do let us know if they are biting πŸ˜€
  10. Might give it a try. Hope the fog from recent days has cleared
  11. Hi Paul You might get a better response by going to this site https://www.worldseafishing.com/ and posting your question either in the SW forum or the General discussion. Lots of helpful people on there - there is here too! but its a Dorset based boat fishing club so Brixham is a bit off piste. Good luck
  12. Sounds like a good day. Closer inshore the tide barely got going on the flood so a good call. Full marks to the skipper of Wight Spirit too in his sense of co-operation with other water users too πŸ‘
  13. Probably 20-30 mins in all. I first spotted him in the wheelhouse and he flew out a couple of times but kept coming back. At one point he was chased by gulls and I was chucking bait overboard to distract them 🀣 Didn't see him go eventually but he'd been sitting on the deck for a while so hope he got away
  14. This little chap dropped by to check his bearings
  15. I would gladly take the two Abu Ambassadeurs 7000 off your hands please, assuming all in good working order Thanks Max
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