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  1. Hooky Regarding the depth on F pontoon at LW, I told MDL in August that it needed dredging. I got a response that they did not yet know when it was due to be surveyed but would let me know. Nothing heard to date so it might be worth letting them hear your experience too Regards Max
  2. Hope you have a great day Pete 🍻
  3. Done, thank you for the prompt
  4. There is a 7 day view but the graph is stretched out - harder to see where we are in the spring/neap cycle which I liked. As with so many "improvements" to software you wonder how many people think it is actually better 🤔
  5. Its a miracle they survived looking at the force of the impact and the state of the plane when it was recovered but the pilot did an amazing job of averting what could have been a tragedy in such a crowded area, as did the family who rescued them
  6. Now taken. Thanks for looking
  7. Pair of size 10 insulated waterproof boots with removeable liners, used condition. Free to anyone who wants to collect. Please PM to arrange pickup
  8. CEFAS Sea Angling report 2018 - 2019 Its hard going in parts and much of the statistics is beyond me but a couple of illustrations which I found interesting were pp 28-29 the participation rate of people in sea angling looks like its declining pp 74-76 the keep vs return rates by species
  9. When autumn arrives you find them on quite clean ground and they can become a nuisance if small but there are usually some bigger ones among them
  10. We have a family appointment that weekend but all the best to everybody taking part. Looking forward to seeing the results
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-57440787
  12. Sorry to hear you might be letting her go Pete. Hope you get a good offer. You are welcome to fish aboard HFF anytime (once she is back in the water of course!)
  13. boyscott


    Not HFF unfortunately- she has been ashore all month 😞
  14. Happy 16th Jacob. Hope to see you down on F pontoon before long
  15. Jerry makes a good point about enjoying other people's reports, especially if not able to get out, so albeit a bit late... Saturday the weather was great but the fishing not so. It didn't matter as it was nice to be out in T-shirt weather. Someone had parked a great big cruise liner where I intended to fish so I went a bit further and dropped the hook. I expected a fierce ebb tide at some point but apart from the middle hour or so it wasn't too bad. Aside from few whiting and dogfish the only interest fish-wise was a 2lb brill which was most welcome. When I got back to Cobbs I tied up on the quay-side of F to wash down while the tide rose enough to get back to the mooring on the other side. Lovely day out 😎
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