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  1. boyscott

    wrecking on a nice tide

    Sounds like a good day. Closer inshore the tide barely got going on the flood so a good call. Full marks to the skipper of Wight Spirit too in his sense of co-operation with other water users too 👍
  2. boyscott

    Photo of the month AUGUST

    Probably 20-30 mins in all. I first spotted him in the wheelhouse and he flew out a couple of times but kept coming back. At one point he was chased by gulls and I was chucking bait overboard to distract them 🤣 Didn't see him go eventually but he'd been sitting on the deck for a while so hope he got away
  3. boyscott

    Photo of the month AUGUST

    This little chap dropped by to check his bearings
  4. boyscott

    Reels for sale.

    I would gladly take the two Abu Ambassadeurs 7000 off your hands please, assuming all in good working order Thanks Max
  5. boyscott

    Coming soon to Swanage

    Excellent choice 😉
  6. boyscott

    A day out on Serenity

    Great report. That wind certainly got a bit spicy in the afternoon but it was nice to be out on a sunny day
  7. boyscott

    Tomorrow Tuesday 9th trip out

    If I can get out of work in time to dig some rag today I might give it a go tomorrow eve, probably in the Swash. I'll keep an eye out for you
  8. Just spotted this on PHC. Should become useful habitat for marine organisms. https://www.phc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2020-06-Artifical-Reef.pdf Hope the link works but please let me know if not
  9. boyscott

    Bit of a weather window Friday

    Friday looks tempting but I have to work unfortunately. Cant complain though as I've just had a long w/e away Good luck
  10. boyscott

    Hi everyone

    Yes. Still on there but its changed a lot, good & bad. I was doing the species hunt for the last few years but will do the club one now Regards Max
  11. boyscott

    Hi everyone

    Thank you all for the warm welcome at the meeting last night. It was nice to meet some of you in person 😀
  12. boyscott


    Super boat. Look forward to seeing her out on the water 😄
  13. boyscott

    Hi everyone

    Hello I have used the website for years and spoken to some of you online or down at Cobbs. Now I've joined the club so looking forward to meeting more of you in person. My boat is a QS640 called Here Fishee Fishee Regards Max
  14. boyscott

    Fish Heads

    Hope he brings you a bass in return 😀
  15. boyscott

    Poole Powerboat race 8th June

    Anyone planning a trip on Saturday might want to read this if not already notified. I don't know what the limits are weather wise - its looking a bit lumpy on Sat so not impossible they could postpone https://www.phc.co.uk/downloads/notices_mariners/2019-16-Powerboat-Race.pdf