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Angling Trust meets Environment Minister over Highly Protected Marine Area concerns



Last month the Angling Trust’s CEO, Jamie Cook, held a face to face meeting with the Environment Minister, Rebecca Pow, over the concerns of many sea anglers to the blanket proposal to prevent angling in High Protected Marine Areas.


Thank you to all those Angling Trust members who have supported the Angling Trust’s campaign by writing to their MPs calling for changes to the review on HPMAs. If you haven’t written to your MP yet please do so today and help protect your fishing for the future.


Angling Trust supports Hopes Nose action



Five fixed penalty notices have been handed out following unlawful activity involving non-local and migrant anglers at Hopes Nose, an old coastal quarry site at Torbay in South Devon, which has been blighted this summer by illegal camping and littering. Two of the £80 penalties were for taking more than the daily 20-fish limit.


Nevin Hunter, the Angling Trust Marine Regions Coordinator, has been working with local clubs and Wyvern Marine Region to help find a solution and arranged for the Angling Trust Building Bridges team to visit the site to support enforcement action by the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust. Nevin said: “We have been working hard to ensure that all anglers can enjoy fishing at the location without anyone or the site impacted upon in a negative way. We will definitely support similar action in the future.”


New report unveils sea anglers' attitudes


New research published last week funded by Defra, has provided insight into what recreational sea anglers value most when considering fisheries management. The report found that in order to retain the support of recreational sea anglers, improvements to environmental conditions must be made a priority. The report also found an overwhelming majority urged for a greater balance between the interests of recreational sea anglers and the commercial fishing industry. Read the full report HERE


End of red diesel?


Do you use red diesel in your fishing boat? The government is consulting on proposals to end the use of red diesel for private pleasure craft for the purposes of propulsion. The measure is set to come into force from April 2022. The consultation seeks to gather evidence as to whether sectors, including recreational boating, should be allowed to maintain use of the fuel beyond April 2022. The Angling Trust will be responding to the consultation on behalf of our members who may be affected. For more details on the proposals and to respond to the consultation yourself CLICK HERE.


Hopes raised for 2021 tuna tagging project amid angler anger over 2020



Hopes of an angler-lead catch and release bluefin tuna tagging project in 2021 have been raised after the Angling Trust and Bluefin Tuna UK were recently informed that Defra would be employing a senior scientist this September to work with anglers and other stakeholders to examine what a possible future 2021 bluefin research program might look like. Our hope is that this will lead to a ‘CHART’ style catch and release tagging protect in 2021. However, trust needs to be rebuilt after our proposals for one in 2020 were rejected by Defra leading to angler and frustration from anglers, charter skippers and angling organisation.

Watch: Sussex anglers enjoy free mullet fishing masterclass

playbtn.png playbar-start.png   playbar-end.png


Sussex anglers of all types took advantage of a free mullet fishing masterclass day at Shoreham Harbour in West Sussex last month. The event, run by the Angling Trust’s Sussex Marine Region, in partnership with the National Mullet Club, saw experienced and novice anglers meet like-minded individuals and learn new skills and techniques during this enjoyable event, as this film of the day shows.


Record coastguard callouts prompt advice to stay safe

The recent news of a four-year high in coastguard callouts due to the heatwave has highlighted how important it is to stay safe when fishing at or on the sea. Angling Trust members can take advantage of a special offer on the Harveys range of lifejackets – designed with anglers in mind these British-made lifejackets are a must have for all anglers. Find out more


Take part in September's big clean

Next month is the Great British September Clean ... will you be taking part? It's Keep Britain Tidy’s biggest environment campaign – and we want anglers, clubs and fisheries to help collect litter from beaches, rivers, lakes and canals. To find out more and register your litter pick CLICK HERE


Fish of the month: Gilthead Bream


Gilthead bream are a southern Mediterranean species which established themselves in some of the warmer estuaries of Devon and Cornwall over recent decades. In more recent years – perhaps due to rising sea temperatures – these feisty fish have migrated east along the English Channel and are now being caught regularly from Hampshire and Sussex with individuals even appearing as far east as the Kent and even Essex coasts.


Unlike their cousins the black bream, giltheads have large mouths, are voracious feeders, and can be found in shallow brackish water and over sandy ground. Crab and worm baits work well as does grilling these tasty fish on a barbecue. Typically, fish are between a pound and two pounds with the British record at over 12lb caught in 2017 from the Kingsbridge Estuary in Devon (above)




The Angling Trust is the united national representative body for all angling in England and Wales. It is united in a collaborative relationship with Fish Legal, a separate membership association that uses the law to protect fish stocks and the rights of its members throughout the UK. Joint membership packages with Fish Legal are available for individuals, clubs, fisheries, riparian owners and other categories. Please find out more.

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