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i3 Laptop for sale

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Jacqui's   i3 Laptop for sale.


Windows 7 

Brand new battery on Thurs 10/10/2019



640 MB  Hard Drive

DVD read / writer

15.6"    16:9  HD LED LCD

I have restored this back to original and performed all windows updates.

Jacqui had Windows 10 on it before I restored it back as it was when she bought it.

There are also some ( Slimmed down ) versions of office and Adobe products which are all part of the default software.

Use 6 blank DVDs to create a full backup set if required.



phone 07877208781

or post on here.

First come- first served







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Bump !


We still have this.

The score looks slow at 4.6 but the only low score is that windows aero graphics. And windows displays the lowest score.

Everything else is a good score.

Any Sensible offers ?



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