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  1. fisherman1055

    Twin Sails

    Look Charlie, it is no good talking sense , no one will ever listen.
  2. fisherman1055

    November Cod Comp

    Bloody predictive texting
  3. fisherman1055

    November Cod Comp

    Thank you guys, e we knew and cheese will taste better knowing this
  4. fisherman1055

    Friday 16th. November.

    Know what you mean Martin, us youngsters have to keep the world turning
  5. fisherman1055

    Happy Birthday Gaffa

    Yes just caught up with this, hope you had a great day
  6. fisherman1055

    Birthday greetings Oli

    Happy belated birthday wishes Oli. Tony
  7. fisherman1055

    Hello all

    Welcome Sean, please use the club and facilities as much as you need.there is a lot of experience and expertise on a range of issues from engines to seamanship. Club meetings on the first Thursday of the month at Parkstone Trades and Labour Club, look forward to meeting you. Tony
  8. fisherman1055

    Duncan F (bathclaret)

    Same best wishes from me
  9. fisherman1055

    Happy Birthday Graham

    Have a great day Graham
  10. fisherman1055

    Scratching Saturday

    Thanks Martin for a great day on the water, hard to believe it is near the end of October, had to treat the sunburn when I got home.
  11. fisherman1055

    Crew space for saturday

    What time?
  12. fisherman1055

    Bass Competition

    Nice one Neal
  13. fisherman1055

    Red mullet September

    Nice 🐠
  14. fisherman1055

    Garage Clear out

    Engine hours counter would interest me will you bring to the. Meeting tony
  15. fisherman1055

    Junior competition weather update for the 18th & 19th

    Not going to be Sunday now we have the weather forecast Probably going to be Monday!