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  1. fisherman1055

    Scrounging a ride for Junior Comp #1 please

    Sorry we are away on the boat
  2. fisherman1055

    Newbie from Swanage

    Welcome to the club Dont be afraid join in and ask questions We are all learning every time we go out on the water, keep your eyes open for people looking for crew and go out with them they will not take offence if you offer to share costs with them. And come to a club meeting in Poole to meet other members and have a chat. Everyone likes boats and fishing so no shortage of things to chat about. Tony
  3. fisherman1055

    Wanted large fender

  4. fisherman1055

    Wanted large fender

    What has surprised me with the Chairman looking for a big buoy there were no dodgy comments from Rob or Jim, they must be on holiday!!! I thought the opportunity would too good to resist.
  5. fisherman1055

    Wanted large fender

    Many thanks
  6. fisherman1055

    Wanted large fender

    Thanks Chris What do you want for it, or would a donation to HOW be better tony
  7. fisherman1055

    Peace in the kitchen

  8. fisherman1055

    Happy Birthday Neil & Alan

    As above Happy Birthday Have a great day
  9. fisherman1055

    Wanted large fender

    Sadly my 60cm lifting buoy broke away from the Alderney Ring leaving my anchor on the floor. thanks to Martin I borrowed his buoy and got it back up. Looking for a 60 cm Orange buoy , has any one got one for sale? cal me on 07733101037 Tony
  10. fisherman1055

    What a lot of jellies

    There were a lot in the bay Sunday. as well as a surprise 6 miles out.
  11. fisherman1055

    48 Hr Competition

    My best fish 2.01 Black Bream. I did get an 11inch conger eel though Tony
  12. fisherman1055

    Dogfish Dave Species Comp Saturday 14th July

    Kingfisher x 4 Reel Magic x 4 Serenity x2
  13. fisherman1055

    48 Hr Competition

    Tigerfish: Alun, Terry, Stuie, Steve Reel Magic Dave, Kev, Paul  Alfresco Charlie and Ian Fisheagle Allan, Coddy and Dave L. Kingfisher; Chris and Blake W. Mal T Marichelle , Mick & Chris Madness, Martin, Jim Endeavour3 with gummage, mike hall ,david cotton( non member) mike halls guest( non member) Serenity; Tony Neil Happy Hooker - Frank Morris Jan Tryska - Sunday
  14. fisherman1055

    Sea Start

    I have been with sea start for a number of years and have had to use their service on 3 occasions. You also get a free hour of labour with membership if you need a marine engineer to repair / replace something. It gives peace of mind for £3 per week, not much when you consider the price of boating. One of the benefits of being a member of PBSBAC is the opportunity to go out with other boats or to call other club members on CH6 if you need assistance when you are on your own. Tony