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  1. fisherman1055

    Fuel price information

    That is when I got Serenity, happy days!
  2. fisherman1055

    Diesel tank sludge

    Boats sometimes list into the wind
  3. fisherman1055

    Birthday greetings Charlie

    Belated greetings Charlie.
  4. fisherman1055

    Flatfish Competition

    Saturdays wind looks too exciting, Sunday looks manageable
  5. fisherman1055

    Poole Powerboat race 8th June

    That will be interesting in a 24 kn wind!!!
  6. fisherman1055

    Rod ring repair

    Castaways on Ashley road also do a good ring replacement service
  7. fisherman1055


    Yes I would be interested, cheaper than a trip to Alderney could also be male bonding time in the evening over a few jars
  8. fisherman1055

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Group A: Boats needing bridge lifts 1. Fisheagle. May have crew space. Leaving and returning to F Pontoon at Cobbs. 2. Madness. Skipper Martin/Crew tba. Leaving Cobbs B Pontoon 3. Marichelle Skipper Mick/ Crew TBA. Leaving Cobbs F pontoon Group B Trailer boats: 1. Group - Boats not needing bridge or assistance 1 Doombar - Skipper Hooky - Leaving from pontoon F @ Cobbs approx 6.30 launch , 11.30 return Places available 2 ( strictly one rod and one bag each please) full club members only please Bridge lift not required (Route plotted so you can follow if needed ) 2. MegaByte - Skipper Brian - Leaving F Pontoon @ Cobbs, times to be decided, Might have room for 1 club member - Bridge lift not required 3. Serenity - Skipper, Tony. Leaving Cobbs B Pontoon TBC. Room for up to 2 CREW Group D - Kayaks 1. Slice of life - Lofty:
  9. fisherman1055

    Lazy start

    Well done for calling on CH6, we must do it more often
  10. fisherman1055

    New family member

    Lovely looking boat hope she looks after you all
  11. fisherman1055

    Happy B'day Chris

    Happy Birthday Chris Have a great day
  12. fisherman1055

    Spring Species 2019 new dates

    Serenity fishing Monday with Peter Russell
  13. fisherman1055

    Evening trips ?

    Count me in too!