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  1. Alderney 2018

    I am
  2. Alderney 2018

    Getting excited!
  3. Breakdown

    Good luck with finding out what is the problem All MF 695 owners will be keen to find out. Tony
  4. A must have book to read.

    I assume this is the first chapter of the enclyopedia!!! tony
  5. Spring Species Hunt

    Apologies still working on boat ashore for launch next Friday 13th !!!!!!!!!!! Tony
  6. Birthday greetings Derek

    Derek have a good one, Tony
  7. Happy birthday Jacob

    Happy Birthday Jacob Hope you have a great day
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Chairman

    Thank you guys for your Birthday wishes, you will be pleased to know that a significant dent has been made in the wine and Turbot supply. Hopefully this will recover in the near future. Tony
  9. Happy Birthday Cap'n Hook

    Craig have a good birthday. I see you are coming to Alderney again, I will sharpen up a couple of trebles in case you want to play mean again. If not we can enjoy a few beers . Tony
  10. Poole Bridge

    Complete and utter effing chaos last night lights at turning to twin sails stuck on red. Had to go through red to MVS meeting. Tonight 40 mins from Holes Bay roundabout to Upton turning. What did we do wrong to be punished so much for living here If these are counsellors making plans we can vote the bxxxxxxs out next time. If it is not the town bridge or the numpty bridge it is the bloody Upton bypass. Of course no sense of frustration here Tony
  11. Trim Tabs - Orkney Pilothouse 20

    I have had Bennets tabs on my boat for 7 years with no problems. and they still work.
  12. Rod Repairs

    Nice one Dave
  13. By Catch

    Sick but good!!!!
  14. Birthday greetings Greg

    Greg have a great day, Tony
  15. Well over due clear out.

    Hi doing similar; 20litre Jerry can £10 7.5 IKg Bruce pattern Anchor £15 Anemometer £5 Penn 310 GTI. £20 Message or call 0773310137