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  1. MegaByte

    Surely the answer is to buy something open!!!!! R
  2. Alderney 2018

    1. Tigerfish - Steve + Terry + 2. Reel Magic - Dave + 3. Joint Venture - Adam + Ian + Alun + Rob (i ahev taken the liberty to add the usua;l A-Team) 4. Madness - Martin - Dean - Tony 5. Sweet Chariot - Oli + Nick +
  3. flounder fishing in the harbour

    Hi and Welcome! I think the flounder fishing has gone down hill in the last 10 yrs. Not one of my target species, but that is the impression i get. We have our flounder comp scheduled for Sunday, and usually it is a close fought battle but the fish are scarce. Rob
  4. Lifejacket check

    Whilst in the garage at the weekend I inflated mine. Still solid 2 days later, a check worth doing plus inspecting the cylinder for corrosion, ensure it is tight etc. I checked my safety knife was still sharp and the light was functional (damp towel across contacts). Easy and essential! Why not do yours!?!?! R
  5. Alderney 2018

    I think it is c.70miles to Alderney, will you only get 60 miles from your 140 litres? (Mind you, you would want 100/110 miles of range incase of bad weather etc). The FreeBoys guys used to have this sorted on their boats, perhaps Matt will be along to advise. Rob
  6. Stering cable

    Assuming the boss will fit and the steering tube. Better off going like for like in my opinion. R
  7. Stering cable

    There are different brands and lengths, usually stamped on the cable, need to replace like for like. R
  8. Window

    Yep, I believe true blue is offering an Alderney trip for £60 a day and £50 a night accommodation!
  9. Last person seen before sinking was the ex-safety office, well I never!!!!
  10. Well, until someone does half a job and has to call for rescue or worse! R
  11. Good luck! As you suspect, so do I, that this isn't a flyer. The flyer moulds have an extra chine or 2 (2 on the 20) that makes them distinctive. Good luck with the build. First thing I'd do if go weigh it and see what weight it is at, give you a clearer idea if it's full of water. Plus cut some hatches in to the deck to look for water. Engine wise, how about a pair of 40's or perhaps bigger? I'd have thought you'd want 100+ hp from single and more if twins. Enjoy!
  12. Bike rack

    Oh, I have a 3 bike towbar mounted rack to sell..........!!!
  13. Test

    i'll move to the forum for the forum as that is where we do testing!
  14. I hear a junior member has had their first cod today! I'm sure photos will be uploaded. R
  15. For sale 2007 Mercury 4hp 4 stroke SOLD

    Martin, Ask his wife for the truth!!!! [emoji23] R