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  1. Side Mount Control prob!

    Aye Bud! somebody got the bottle top out mate. Using an endoscope camera and a bendy grabber. Still hard to engage into gear tho' which has only happened since that little escapade. Got me beat!
  2. Side Mount Control prob!

    Aye Rob, only put it into gear with the engine running, in the water. That suggestion of disturbing the linkage could be worth checking tho'. When last used ( THREE WEEKS AGO) they were engaging with no bother, as I said I'll check. IF no joy! YOU can carry my clubs.
  3. Side Mount Control prob!

    Well Brian it was the main 2 stroke oil that mixes with the fuel in the e-tec 75 body itself that I changed, can't see that interfering with the side mount controls, but then again I'm no way savvy on the workings of boat maintainence. It probably just decided to give up the ghost at the same time! knowing my luck Would you know if these side mount controls are compatable with most outboard motors mate?.......As you can see I,m not well up on the practical side of our hobby, Cheers!
  4. Side Mount Control prob!

    A bit of advice wanted please, I have a Wilson Flyer, running on a e-tec 75hp motor. I recently renewed the oil in the motor, but since then the side mount controls are a right pain, trying to engage in forward/reverse making a clunking noise when eventually engaging. Was never a issue before the oil change. Any suggestions Oh! Wise Ones.
  5. Mobile Outboard Technician

    Oops! :-)
  6. Mobile Outboard Technician

  7. E-Tec engine problem

    Cheers Richard, I'll give it a go this week, I've got no airline, but I'll take the wife down to the boat, coz she's got a good pair of bellows!
  8. E-Tec engine problem

    Its one of them dual levels one mate, and you can bet your bottom dollar its in the unreachable end, even with them Chinese knives and forks!
  9. E-Tec engine problem

    one winging its way to me now Bud!
  10. E-Tec engine problem

    Well I've managed to get hold of a large syringe Brian, s'pose I give it a go tomorrow .I have not looked properly but can't see there being a drainage plug on it tho'. Cheers Mate!
  11. E-Tec engine problem

    Hi everyone first time poster, and even newer first time fisherman. I seem to have put myself in a bit of bother already, and would be grateful for some advice from the sages on here please. On my Wilson Flyer I have just acquired. I have a 2 stroke Evinrude E-Tec 75 HP. On filling up the oil cylinder I somehow managed to stupidly drop the small plastic bottle top ( 25ml wide, 10ml deep) inside the oil sump. Having tried to retrieve it for a couple of hours, NO JOY! My query on here is, will it damage anything mechanical on the motor, and somehow have to be taken out, or will it be okay lying in the oil sump. The sump is one of them awkward dual level ones, and the way its fixed to the rest of the motor seems well beyond my doing. Any advice please. Cheers!