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  1. Colin-58

    Boscombe Pier kiss causes problems..

    115555 Thank;s Stuie; got there in the end and now wondering is it 1;st april ! Having evaluated such a serious and potentially deadly situation i 100 percent agree with Charlies comment;s The man must be a complete Richardhead !
  2. Colin-58

    Boscombe Pier kiss causes problems..

    Hi Stuie is this an incripted message or have i missed something ? what seems to be the problem ?
  3. Colin-58

    Ray Competition

    Hi Neal Colin Jan and Bobbie will be fishing Saturday weather permitting Tight Lines Colin,
  4. Colin-58

    Ray Competition Sunday 19th Sept - Seeing help please

    Hi Stuie, Thanks for your reply. I don't have any crew as yet so if someone would like to join me they would be very welcome, preferably someone who knows a bit about fishing as i have little experience also i have a new hummingbird 10 and a half inch job to play with and try to set etc, A member has been kind enough to suggest a mark not to far out i think i could find but if any one joins me i will freely take their advice and would be greatly appreciated My aim for the day is to safely enjoy being at sea and learn more not to win the comp! PLEASE take note i now intend to fish saturday weather permitting, Many Thanks Colin,
  5. Colin-58

    New Member - Colin

    Hi Martin many thanks for the upgrade, I hope i have posted my request for help in the right place Iam new to this game and hope not to upset anyone Sure you will let me know, Thanks Colin
  6. Hi all, I am hoping to bring my boat down for the competition this Sunday and seeking someone with experience to help show me he ropes. I have a new Hummingbird GPS Fishfinder, if anyone is familiar with how to set it, also help with fishing marks etc. I usually launch my boat from baiter, also I have have no idea what bait and tackle will be needed this weekend. My fishing experience so far seems to be random mackerel fishing. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards and thanks in advance, Colin.
  7. Colin-58

    New Member - Colin

    Hello all. Greetings from Chackmore! It was a pleasure meeting some of you at the last two meetings. Looking forward to seeing you all at the upcoming ray competition this Sunday. Kind Regards, Colin.