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  1. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    Thank you Mikey B. Hope fully we will proceed along lines like that. I PMed Gonorm the following which explains where we are at with it..... That's really decent of you Mike, much appreciated . It will be a handy resource as we try to get a year or three more out of this old equipment. About this repair, I'm going to look at it tonight. My engineer mate Graham says we can use so called chemical metal to plug the hole if all else fails. Well on close inspection the hole looks a bit beaten up as in a hammer and chisel job has been used to extract a rounded Allen plug. I suspect the the original plug would have been a steel taper plug with Allen drive . This one is not Shown on the exploded diagram but another one like it is used elsewhere. Anyway I recon a previous owner has had to resort to a bodge repair with chemical metal. I'll let you know how we get on. .........ill try to get a threaded plug in there if I can....
  2. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    Thanks Mike, that would be helpful. Getting that plug out will likely be a bit of an ' off piste' procedure. It will be useful to get a part number and picture of it. Graham is handy on the lathe and given a pattern might be able to make one if it is not available. We will look at it one evening next week.
  3. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    Finally got the mitpr off. looks like the plug has corroded away. I went to clean it with a scrubbing brussh and oil started rolling out. Now when its stopped draining ill have to get theremains of the plug out without forcing it on inn. Hmmm?
  4. Gummage

    Bream Comp 12th May

    I'm on my way down to go out with Hooky.
  5. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    Thanks for coming in on this. No it's not autolube . I have found oil on the deck before and blamed my laggardly crew for slopping2 stroke oil about carelessly, but no this is oil from the hydraulics. The small Rams certainly have plastic bleed plugs on the side. But my attention is drawn to the sump plug as you call it. In the absence of wiser advice my best plan at the moment is to lift the motor off and see what's what. If I'm really lucky all ill need to do is tighten it with a new copper or felt washer or o ring. The plastic deck drain plug might be nothing to do with the hydraulics but just happened to be there and became the route of least resistance for escaping oil.?
  6. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    This is an ebay image of one of these. The bolt hole along the bottom is just visible. Im hoping that a stud with an o ring put in this hole might fix my problem .but it begs tje following questions.... why is it ducted into the boat.? what purpose does it serve.?
  7. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    On our trip last sunday A large amount of oil arrived on the deck throughthis bung hole. The bung housing is loose and the oil came round it. I had filled the reservoir in my pre trip check because it was short. It now needs more. I fear the worst ie some obscure gasket or ram seal has failed. but it might be something simpler. Before i get the spanners and hammers out, can anyone give me any pointers. or Are there any profesionals who would service this 35 year old unit?
  8. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    in this pic it is fainlu visible just behind the red bilge pump cover
  9. Gummage

    Hydraulic tilt and trim. Oil leak

    opposite my finger onthe bow side of the unit some kind of outlet leads forward to a plastic screw bung in the side of the drain well on my deck.
  10. This is the tilt and trim unit on my mercury 75.
  11. Gummage

    Secure Load

    The way I see it he's using the dirt to keep his stap on.
  12. Gummage

    Testing Radio

    when your boat is not on the water , can you still use your marine radio? i have two scenarios in mind. firstly I am unloading at baiter but I wish to contact a boat in the swash to plan to meet up. secondly , I am at home fifty miles inland and wish to check my ship board radio against my hand held. Can I do a radio check on channel 06 ( or other)
  13. Gummage

    48 Hr Competition

    good news bad news, endeavour3 put to sea without any scales. That was the bad news, the good news is that we didn't really miss them but had fun trying. Thanks again to Fisheagle and Mike hall who helped me with the stop over. success, we can add scad plaice and red gurnard to the species comp!
  14. Gummage

    48 Hr Competition

    Endeavour3 with gummage, mike hall ,david cotton( non member) mike halls guest( non member)