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  1. Safety Issue with out of date flares

    Hi All, Disposed of my out of date flares today at the Poole RNLI Gatehouse. They just required my Surname and 24hrs notice. No hassle they just locked them into a steel box outside for safe disposal. Could not be easier Mikey B
  2. Breakdown

    Hi Sparky, I had a similar problem with my out-board motor a few years ago. While in forward it suddenly raced forward without my input. It turned out to be a faulty control cable, the outer sleeve had collapsed under load due to unseen internal corrosion. This not only stopped the gears working correctly but also held the throttle open in neutral. Replaced both control cable for the more expensive stainless-steel type and to date have had no further issues. Many years ago, now I witnessed a Ford Transit diesel engine rev to destruction on the M6 due to too much oil in the sump. The engine used the excess lubrication oil as fuel regardless of the throttle openings and the driver was unable to turn the engine off. It final stopped when a con rod broke and to oil poured out onto the road. Hope it’s something simple Mikey B
  3. Boat talk

    Hi All, I'm back on the water this week end after a very long lay off. Been in hospital for surgery on mans bits (not to be recommended) Well on the mend now but I have to take it easy from now on (getting old) The rectifier issue turned out to be a faulty battery. No other issues found and no corrosion of terminals etc. Replacing the battery, rectifier and some of outboard motor wiring turned out to be an expensive repair. 14.43 volts now on both batteries under load with the motor running in a test tank. Only sea trials will tell so only pottering about in thee harbour this week end. I'll let you know how it goes Mikey B
  4. Hi All, How to dispose of out of date flares? I have some out of date inshore flares to dispose of but not sure how? Any advice would be appreciated Mikey b
  5. Tilt Trim

    I would check the relay first Remove wires may be two or three from the relay and connect to a car battery. Being DC polarity is not important as it should run one way or the other. If it runs it's not the brushes Mikey B
  6. Engine Talk

    Hello All, Our fishing trip was brought to an abrupt halt yesterday (Sunday). We set of bright and early for some fishing by Old Harry. One the way out in the main shipping channel near Brownsea Castle all the engine instruments shut down. This is odd because the motor was running fine as was the radio and navigation equipment. Not being able to see anything wrong I took the cautious approach and headed back to the slipway thinking if I stop the motor will it start again while a sea? On arrival in the shallows at Baiter Park we dropped the anchor for a better look. Turned off the ignition and on re trying everything went dead? Now unable to raise the motor we waited for the tide to drop before putting the boat back on the trailer for a better look on dry land. Back in the car park it was plain to see the rectifier had caught fire under the engine cover. See photos of the offending item when removed. The damage was confined to the rectifier although the two yellow wire look like the need to be replaced. Good job I turned around as if could have been a lot worse. I would urge members with the same motor to check the back of the rectifier from time to time. Replacement parts, wire, fuses etc £280.00inc Vat. Mikey B
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/24/theresa-may-announce-uk-will-reclaim-waters-british-fishermen/ In the Telegraph today Theresa May expected to announce wihtin weeks that the UK will reclaim its waters fro British fishermen by pulling out of a deal that pre-dates the EU.......... Common sense prevails..............! Mikey B.
  8. Boat Talk

    Hi all, I'm about to start an MNEA 2000 installation in my boat. Simrad Go7 and Icom M506 AIS both MNEA 2000. I know the Back Bone will require a power supply on a centre branch and that a terminator should be fitted at each end of the group. Can I use a 4 way connector block but leave one connection free for future use? Any advice would be appreciated. Mikey B
  9. Boat Talk

    Hi, Before I take the plunge and buy an AIS setup. How many club boats actually have AIS ? Mikey B
  10. Electronics Update

    Hi, Before I take the plunge and buy an AIS setup. How many club boats actually have AIS ? Mikey B
  11. Electronics Update

    Thanks for the response. Which cartography is best for the Poole bay and Salcombe areas. Navionics or C map I will need a chart to cover both areas. Mikey B
  12. Electronics Update

    Hello All, Henry B is due an update with regards to the plotter etc. All of which is now over 12 yrs old. Still works ok but now out of date. Looking at a Simrad Go7 with a free chart and an Icom IC-M506 AIS both of which are MNEA 2000. I know the Icom is a bit expensive but you only retire once so it's now or never. AIS is new to me so any advice on this would be appreciated. Mikey B
  13. Thanks guys for the birthday gettings. Ive not been well since October but hopefuly the operation at the end of this moth will sort it out. I hope to attend the next club meeting. Regards Mikey B
  14. new toys

    Hi Dan, Check out the link below. http://www.videomaker.com You should find the answer you are looking for on the forum. Also a few articles on the Go Pro. With regards to the editing software try Power Director Suite, all the facilities you are ever likely to need including all the raw file conversions etc. You need to convert the raw files to MP4,AVI or WMV. the software will give you all the options including the ability to upload your video movies to YouTube. Mikey B