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    Fish identification help!

    Sorry about the tiny pic, came from a smartphone. Just got a text from my friend who caught this on a live smelt off Mudeford. Looks like a trevally or something to me, any ideas?
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    Untitled Album

  3. jamesm

    Red letter day yesterday!

    After seeing the forecast, could resist getting out for the day and I didn't regret it. The Mackerel were quite hard to find, with just the odd one or two about and without any other bait, we spent about an hour catching a dozen or so for bait. Not much tide and flat calm for anchored up and we started catching almost instantly. Ray after ray, my mate had a ball using his carp rod! I put my gopro down and noticed there were some bass down there, so put on a longer trace and a bigger bait and the rod slammed over almost instantly, landed the fish and the bait was in good condition, so left it on and within 5 minutes had another. In all about 15 - 20 rays, 2 bass and lots and lots of very greedy dogfish. We were out from 9AM until after 7PM, but it seemed like 5 minutes. Can't seem to find a way to embed images from google photos on this forum so here is a link https://goo.gl/photos/TcZjxzB83Yj5UEeK9
  4. jamesm

    Inspired by maccy cam. Bottom Cam

    Hi, I just drilled a hole in a large perk and used that to bolt the camera to. I could swap it end to end for different shots. Next time I will make the bait bag further away and weight it down. That way it will get 360 degree footage from above. (or at least thats the plan) I'll also take my laptop next time so I can review the footage on the day and change tactics depending to what's down there. It would have been nice to score one of those red mullet for example.
  5. HI, My first post here, been lurking and loved the maccy cam footage. So I started to experiment with my gopro and used a small bag with chopped fish just below the camera. A bit hit and miss, but tried a few marks out of Poole over the weekend on some of the reefs (Marks's Reef & Southbourne Rough) and got some great footage. The bag was ripped to bits in the end by the endless dogfish attention. We caught plenty of dogfish and some very nice smooth hounds, rays and other stuff on the day too. I can't help thinking the bait trail provided better sport than normal, espicially given the lack of tide on Sunday. Anyway, here is the footage, it is more clear if you click HD.