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  1. Lazy old Tiddler

    try living with it
  2. fishfinder

    never used no transducer offers graham
  3. for sale

    for sale motor bracket never used downrigger offers graham
  4. GOPR0086.jpg

    From the album gjb

  5. GOPR0088.jpg

    From the album gjb

  6. GOPR0084.JPG

    From the album gjb

  7. GOPR0084.JPG

    From the album gjb

  8. Removing antifoul

    I have just had my boat serviced and anti fouled plus they did the transducers with a product for them but don't know the name I think force 4 sell this for transducers graham
  9. tried to pay on PayPal but the link does this We could not locate the item you are trying to view.
  10. MegaByte is for Sale (Withdrawn)

    have some canvas sides and rollup door made for your pullout roof
  11. Window

    Jim I was fully dressed all the time
  12. Hooky i also have a Navman fish 4430 fishfinder never been used needs transducer yours if you want it
  13. Hi hooky i have some rods and reels you are welcome too it may help and all the best with everything graham
  14. rods

    Yes but I always end up being the flounder
  15. rods

    when do we get to use them
  16. rods

    I think you are right their Martin
  17. IMG_0052.JPG

    From the album gjb

  18. foxy

    From the album gjb

  19. IMG_0057.JPG

    From the album gjb

  20. Site upgrade and server move

    Whatever I go on I can’t get on the site without a lot of messing around it keeps telling me page doesn’t exist
  21. Site upgrade and server move

    like a lot of other old gits I'm totaly confused dot com
  22. plotter

    Hi I am upgrading my Lowrance HDS Gen3 Plotter 9 inch to a 12 inch HDS Carbon one has anyone have any knowledge about this plotter graham
  23. plotter

    Yes Rob the motor will only start on good days so saves you fuel as well marvellous bit of kit
  24. plotter

    Hi Jim Not thought about it as yet but will keep you posted Graham