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  1. Flatfish & Ray Specimen Comp

    Lets hope there are plenty more days like today to come in the following winter months. Ben
  2. Happy Birthday Paul D

    Happy B-day Paul
  3. New Member

    Hey Alan, good to hear you are having fun on your boat, as dad has said, you probably have beat our us in the way of species already, you have certainly been out more than us!
  4. Happy Birthday Barney

    Happy birthday Barney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Swanage to Old Harry 23/09/09

    Sounds like you had fun, would love to do it myself, but I wouldn't feel safe on my own.
  6. Southbourne Rough

    Well we did yesterday
  7. Saturday

    Good Good, Should be a good day out
  8. Saturday

    Bump, We will be off Old Harry
  9. Hey, Im new

    I E-Mail You
  10. Hey, Im new

    Thank you Maverick, I E-mailed Paul asking him about it but you beat him to it
  11. Hey, Im new

    Will do Charlie !
  12. Hey, Im new

    Yer thats right
  13. Hey, Im new

    I already am a member Ben
  14. Hey, Im new

    Well I know a few people here, I'm perky's / Dave's son and have been to the family day and the competition weight in the other week. Just thought I may as well join the forum and see what you guys chat about. Seen a few topics looking over my dads shoulder in the morning Ben
  15. good day at old harry

    Sounds like you had a good day, john dory you say? My dad caught one of those the other week.