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  1. jay kay


    No worries maybe another time.
  2. jay kay


    If I can get my call out covered and someone's looking for someone to take the mickey out of I'd be up for a wrecking trip please!
  3. jay kay


    Sorry to hear that Matt. I had my best day fishing with him, he was a top man! I only read this 5mins ago but I text him at 9 o'clock this morning to see how he was doing. Sad loss mate All the best Jon
  4. jay kay

    Happy Birthday Kingfisher 126

    Happy birthday mate
  5. jay kay

    Happy Birthday Tiddler

    All the best Jim
  6. jay kay

    Birthday wishes Jon - Jay Kay

    Cheers guys. Gunwharf quay with the mrs and after work!!
  7. jay kay

    Plastimo pontoon fender to swap

    I can pop it down to you one day next week if you want
  8. I've got a white pontoon fender which is 90cm long. I wondered if it was any use to anyone that might want to swap it for a couple of small normal fenders? Cheers Jon
  9. jay kay

    For sale

    I'll take this please. Can you pm me where to collect, thanks Jon
  10. jay kay

    Redfin Alderney 2015

    Nice one Peter. She looks good on the water too
  11. jay kay

    Tiddler gets out

    I thought your profile had been hacked but then I saw the photo! Nice one Jim
  12. jay kay

    Plastimo Wheel dinghy

    Sold thanks
  13. jay kay

    Plastimo Wheel dinghy

    White plastic, built in wheel and seat. It's in good useable condition. It comes with rowlocks but no oars. I paid £110 for it about 3 weeks ago so would like that back for it. I'm too stupid to upload pictures but I can email them if anyone wants to see it! Cheers
  14. jay kay

    Plastic hatch

    I'll have this please Brian. Can I collect at the weekend please
  15. jay kay


    Im looking for a little dinghy, I'm not worried what it looks like as it will stay chained up on the beach. I also need a pair of half decent oars if anyone has some in their garage. Thanks Jon