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  1. Bass Regs 2018 - C&R

    i remember when Hugh Fernlywhatshisface did a program about discards. He was on a boat off Hastings i think and they had no quota for cod. They kept the cod they caught and when they returned to shore they threw them over the side and there were "locals" on the beach with waders and nets picking the dead cod from the water and taking them. Apparently as the boat hadn't landed them then no offence was committed. Maybe we could do the same with bass?
  2. MegaByte is for Sale (Withdrawn)

    Bank transfer, if it's cash then you need to pay into bank before he drives away with the boat in case the notes are moody.
  3. Fiberglass paint

    take a look at car 2 pack paints
  4. Mobile Outboard Technician

    Have you tried ringing or emailing him?
  5. JoJo heads west, again!

    Thanks for the offer. Looking to fish Monday to Friday probably early September. Will have to sort accommodation and boat storage.
  6. JoJo heads west, again!

    great report, we hope to be trailing down that way next autumn.
  7. Engine change

    i would have thought a new outboard would give you near enough equal performance and running costs and a lot cheaper installation than a new engine and leg and all the alterations needed to fit. You wouldn't lose any deck space and modern outboards now seem to be just as reliable as inboards, just look at the new big cat charter boats swapping to outboards.
  8. Rod Repair

    very easy to repair. gently heat with a fag lighter to melt glue whilst pulling gently on the ring with a pair of pliers. Once removed take to your local tackle dealer and they should be able to glue a new one on. Or just take to your tackle shop and let them do the whole repair. if you use them regulary they probably only charge for the new ring. it really is only a 5 minute job.
  9. Weighing Scales

    i have some Berkeley ones which way up to 50 or so lbs and they have lasted well. got them for subscribing to one of the mags bout 4 years ago.
  10. I noticed on another thread you have a few trailed boats planning an away day to West Bay. Would there be any interest in resurrecting comps between the 2 clubs again either home and away or at a neutral venue like West bay? I am the comp sec for Burnham now and mentioned this at our club meeting last week and there was some interest from members.
  11. Hi Terry, may have to take you up on that offer one day We keep our boat on my parents drive in Burnham so usually fish from there though we did trail down to west bay for the first time last year and plan to have 2 or 3 trips down there this year.
  12. that' 6 miles from me and i work even closer. does he keep his boat at home?
  13. Terry where are you in Oxfordshire? i live in Witney and although not a pbsbac member i am a member of Burnham boat club.
  14. Need help with identification.

    could it be a Picton Kingfisher? there seems to be a variation in topside designs on these (maybe home builds) but looks similar
  15. Weymouth

    had a charter on wild frontier saturday. fished off the back of the shambles on the hook to start and had 4 spurdogs and a couple of dogs. 3 other spurs caught, a strap, lots more dogs and a few macky. spent the afternoon drifting the shambles and we totaled 15 turbot and a couple of blondes. unfortunately only 1 turbo was a taker but a beauty at 16.5lb See Joint Venture out there, did you do any good?