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  1. dicky

    Engine Talk

    Nice work, how long did it take you? If they quoted £210 just to look at it then that equates to around 3 hours labour?
  2. dicky

    New kid on the block

    I’m not wearing a gimp suit to open anything!!!!!
  3. dicky

    A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    In this instance being a pillock may be the cheapest option
  4. dicky


    live mackeral hard on the bottom. If you get them feeding hard then you can drop down to cut baits/chunks as this will improve hook ups.
  5. dicky

    Rodman v Merry fisher?

    how many miles on average to 140lts. On our 18ft we would be getting close to 200 miles.
  6. dicky

    Rodman v Merry fisher?

    just out of interest how far are you prepared to take your Parker? I've only seen them at shows but have been impressed with them. Is fuel capacity a restriction?
  7. dicky

    Alderney 2018

    How did you all get on? You certainly had the weather for it
  8. dicky

    Alderney 2018

    Have a good trip guys, stay safe
  9. dicky

    Bass Regs 2018 - C&R

    i remember when Hugh Fernlywhatshisface did a program about discards. He was on a boat off Hastings i think and they had no quota for cod. They kept the cod they caught and when they returned to shore they threw them over the side and there were "locals" on the beach with waders and nets picking the dead cod from the water and taking them. Apparently as the boat hadn't landed them then no offence was committed. Maybe we could do the same with bass?
  10. dicky

    Fiberglass paint

    take a look at car 2 pack paints
  11. dicky

    Mobile Outboard Technician

    Have you tried ringing or emailing him?
  12. dicky

    JoJo heads west, again!

    Thanks for the offer. Looking to fish Monday to Friday probably early September. Will have to sort accommodation and boat storage.
  13. dicky

    JoJo heads west, again!

    great report, we hope to be trailing down that way next autumn.
  14. dicky

    Engine change

    i would have thought a new outboard would give you near enough equal performance and running costs and a lot cheaper installation than a new engine and leg and all the alterations needed to fit. You wouldn't lose any deck space and modern outboards now seem to be just as reliable as inboards, just look at the new big cat charter boats swapping to outboards.