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  1. Out this afternoon

    Well done putting the Bass back. Not worth the risk ! Jim
  2. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    It's an age thing Mal !
  3. Sikaflex et al

    I bought a load of similar stuff years ago from In-excess and stored it in the garage. I intended putting shelves in my Warrior. Didn't get around to it. The stuff went hard and ended up in the bin. Ah well. I'll remember this tip. Thanks. Jim
  4. Happy Birthday Kam

    Happy Birthday Kam. Off to do a bit of dangling today ? or just stopping at home for Cake & Beer. Jim
  5. Boat talk

    Ditto Mike. Hope all's getting better. Jim
  6. Shambles trips

    Lovely day Today too. Shame about WORK getting in the way ! Post some pictures Dave.
  7. Breakdown

    Let's hope so Mick. He can only find a fault if it's there. Intermittent faults can be a B**ger to find.
  8. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Still a bit left but I'll do my best . . . . . Don't want it to go stale !
  9. Spring Species Hunt

    Well done Allan & Jan. We had ZERO with 3 anglers a couple of weeks ago so you did well to get 7 different species each. ( When I say 3 anglers . . . . it was 2 anglers & 1 Dangler ) Any way up . . . . .Well done. Jim
  10. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Bigger than the Tiddler ! And probably seen more water !
  11. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Jacqui took me to Wareham this evening for a stroll along the river bank. Then to the King's arms @ Stoborough. Back home now with a bottle of Doombar. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvly ! Thanks again for all the Birthday wishes. It means a lot to a silly old Duffer Y'know ! Jim
  12. Happy Birthday Tiddler

    Thanks all. Took a load of cakes into work yesterday. Went for a few beers wiv me bruvver last night. Struggled to work this morning. Steve & Theresa brought the Grand kids over this afternoon with a " special cake " No Rob not THAT special ! I don't need any of that stuff . . . I'm already Dopey enough THIS special . . . . .
  13. Lifejacket check

    Ordering: 4 x lifejacket lights 4 x sprayhoods Tomorrow
  14. Lifejacket check

    Thanks Steve, I'll have 4 lights please. I tried to find your web site but I failed the I Q test. I had hoped to order online and pay by paypal. I'm guessing that if I order 4 spray hoods it'll be extra postage. Jim
  15. Lifejacket check

    Thanks Steve. If I buy 4 lights. That's only one postage I assume ? Jim
  16. Lifejacket check

    Well ! You seem to like upsetting me ! £ 5.90 for the capsules AFTER I've paid £10.50 Now £18.50 + postage for spray hoods when I can walk into Force 4 and pick them up for £18.95 https://www.force4.co.uk/seago-sprayhood.html?sqr=Universal Sprayhood& --------------------------------------------------------- Seriously though. Thanks for trying. What is the spec for the Lifejacket Light please? Thanks Steve. Jim
  17. A must have book to read.

    In shorthand too.
  18. Lifejacket check

    Quote " United Moulders Black Capsules - £5.90 inc vat " B*GGER ! How much for spray hoods ? for Seago lifejacket ( don't know if it makes a difference )
  19. Lifejacket check

    Bought 4 of these on Friday: United Moulders Cartridge and clip set Frightened me with the price. I asked about spray hoods too. What are your prices like ? Jim
  20. A must have book to read.

    VERY good Chris !
  21. Spring Species Hunt

    Good luck to all. We're busy decorating.
  22. Birthday greetings John (Solehunter)

    Happy Birthday John. Jim
  23. Happy birthday Jacob

    Blimey Jacob ! 13 Old enough to chase girls ! Just not old enough to catch them. Have a slice of cake in stead. Far less trouble ! ! Hope the weather improves so you can show Grandad how to catch fish again. He'll have forgotten everything he learned last year. I always do. Tiddler.
  24. Birthday greetings Derek

    Happy Birthday Derek. Jim