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  1. Reason to wear a lifejacket

    AS you say Mike: Horrifying.
  2. LIFE JACKETS requred

    Look forward to a Life Jacket clinic refresher. Would be good for the newer members and Good for Me 'cos' I forget things. Jim
  3. Happy Birthday JayKay

    Happy Birthday Jon. Hope all's well and you're having a good one. Jim
  4. Window

    Maybe it was shining OUT of Graham.
  5. Window

    When you were 2 miles out Martin checked on his plotter. We were 5 miles out and we couldn't see you with the overcast conditions. The sun lit you both up for a while and we could easily see you in the distance. Glad you got a few fish.
  6. Window

    Met up with Martin & Dean just before 8 at Cobb's. Caught the 8:30 bridge and headed out to check the sea state. A lumpy sea made the decision for us: Don't go too far out ! ! We are all just getting over our Christmas colds and the lumpy sea made me feel quite "iffy" First mark produced: Conger, Doggies, Pout & Whiting all of which were small. Martin hooked something quite playful but it got off before we clapped eyes on it. We moved to another mark ( a top secret one ) Martin & Dean thought it could be quite good for the Bream later in the year but today it produced some quite big Congers followed by Doggies, Pout, Whiting. It went quiet there and we moved to a mark we fished last time out which had produced some whiting. Well we found where all the babies were hiding ! ! ! We enjoyed listening on the radio to Foxy Fisher & Marichelle playing Hide & Seek and discussing distances & lengths. They did sound as though they were catching fish though. A big thank you to Martin & Dean for taking me out & thanks to Dean for my bacon & black pudding lunch & coffees. Jim
  7. Happy Birthday Freddie

    Happy Birthday Derek. Hope it's all been good. Jim
  8. Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave. That explains the Pre-booked Hangover then ! Hope you're not feeling too rough. ( Must have been something you ate ) Got to take it easy at YOUR age y'know. Jim
  9. Window

    Some old, fat bloke got in quick ! Martin, Dean & Jim out on Madness. Thanks Martin.
  10. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Better than scrapping it. And a younger bloke with more time and less dosh will be glad to get his sticky mits on it ! We hope. Good luck. Jim
  11. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    You would be surprised at the number of people who would want to buy your old boat. Stick on the ' Tinternet ' and see.
  12. A new project named Blah ( could get messy)

    Good luck Hooky. As for manual tilt: I used to do it a Baiter. Would not want to do it again. That skeg on the engine could easily stab you or your crew's foot. Any shallow slip would be a nightmare. Whatever engine you get it has to be power tilt. ( In my humble opinion ) All the best. Jim
  13. Bob Horne Memorial Flounder comp

    Is there a bar at Greenslades ? We could hold it there if the weather's crap.
  14. Happy Birthday Kev

    Hi Kev, As it's your birthday you could probably have a long soak in the Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath. ! I hope you've had and are still having a great day. Jim
  15. Test

    Nice one Kev. And the right way up too.
  16. Club Members at Cobbs.

    Eye lad !
  17. Club Members at Cobbs.

    Will you explain it to ME then Martin. I NEVER know what I'm on about.
  18. Club Members at Cobbs.

    As they say up north . . . . .It's a funny how d'ya do !
  19. Club Members at Cobbs.

    I believe the council were awarded some dosh by the government. They must use it within a time frame or loose it. They already knew these roads needed work but couldn't do the work without without funds and then when they got funds had no time to phase it to cause the least disruption. Sounds as though I'm singing their praises! No I'm not. Does seem a daft system though. I suppose we'll be able to watch the " fag rolling competition " as we drive through. Or the " shovel leaning " Or the " fag rolling whilst leaning on a shovel " Jim
  20. Birthday greetings PJ

    Hi Paul, Sorry I missed this. Happy Birthday. I hope it's been great. Steve's youngest is the same day. Difficult to separate Christmas & Birthday so just one great big celebration then ?
  21. Season's Greetings

    Season's Greetings from Jim & Jacqui.      
  22. Birthday greetings Tony & George

    Happy Birthday George. Happy Birthday Tony. Just like busses ! ! Nothing all year and then 2 together ! Make sure you get double rations of cake ! Jim
  23. Worth whiting for...

    Nice one Stuie.