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  1. Tiddler

    Kayaker missing

  2. Tiddler

    Missing yakker

    We can only hope there's a happy outcome.
  3. Tiddler


    I think he works for Audi as well.
  4. Tiddler

    Happy birthday Paul

    Happy Birthday Paul. Hope all's well. Jim
  5. Tiddler

    Crew needed

    Nipped into Poole to pick up bait from Andy at 7:45 Down to Cobb's and off for the 8:30 lift. Martin called the bridge operator to let him know we'd like an 8:30 bridge lift please. Only to be told: No 8:30 lift today sir ! Oh well ! tied up to a pontoon, kettle on, ate one of my baguettes. Chucked lines out but only weed. Serenity came past just after 9 with the Radar down and 2 smug faces. ( Bridge lift not needed ) 9:30 and up went the bridge and off we went. Over to the Secret Plaice mark to join lots of other boats. At one time there were 4 of us club boats quite close together. We had a very good day's fishing with numerous plaice. Some of them were keepers. I was " chuffed " with this one at 2lbs 14oz We had Gurnard, Plaice, Martin had a Brill and some mackerel that took his bait as he reeled in. We both had very small smooth hounds too. So yet again I'd like to thank Martin for being a great skipper and host and point out that there was a crew space there which wasn't taken so anyone who thought about it but didn't . . . . . . . You dipped out ! ! !
  6. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Nigel & Mick

    Happy Birthday Nigel & Mick. What a LOVELY day for it. Whatever it is you're doing. Enjoy. Jim
  7. Tiddler

    Crew needed

    Qui i i i i i i i i i i i i ck ! Don't pass this up. Great boat & skipper. Maybe a fish or two as well. I'm surprised no new members put their names forward. Just checked the weather. Luuuuuuuuuuuuuvly ! Thanks Martin.
  8. Tiddler

    Crew needed

    Yes please . Wooooooo Hooooooooooooo !
  9. Tiddler

    Galeon Galia 640?

    Well if he wants to spend THAT sort of money . . . . . . . .I know a lovely Pilot 4
  10. Tiddler

    Galeon Galia 640?

    If that's the E-Tec engine. I had a 75 HP on my Warrior and was very happy with it. But as Neil ( Tarlach ) said. Always worth getting a proper check up before splashing the dosh. Jim
  11. Tiddler

    boat wanted

    Thanks Brian. He came and had a look around Tiddler. And now he'll look a lots more . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  12. Tiddler

    Hi guys

    Welcome to the club as a full member Etian. Jim
  13. Tiddler

    boat wanted

    Dave. You have a PM Jim
  14. Tiddler

    boat wanted

    Hi Dave, I have a Westport Marine Pilot 4 with a Honda 50 Like this: I used to have a Warrior 165 The Pilot 4 is a good little boat but not the same animal as the Warrior. I downsized cos I'm old, fat, & unfit with dodgy knees. I can push this one around easily on the unbraked trailer. I still miss the Warrior though. You're welcome to take a look. I'm in Poole. PM me if you'd like a " Butchers " Jim
  15. Tiddler

    Birthday greetings Colin (Just made it)

    Happy Birthday Big Col. Jim
  16. Tiddler

    boat wanted

    Well said Rob. See if you can get out on Members' boats or at least take a look at them. 14 feet is probably going to limit your choices. I expect Dave ( Coddy ) will supply you a link to his site. He did quite an in depth look at boats a few years ago. Good luck. Jim
  17. Tiddler

    Pilot 500

    Tiddler is a Westport marine Pilot 4 Like this one. I nearly bought a Quicksilver pilot 500 before my warrior. I was told by a dealer not to think it was going to behave like one of the bigger ones. I was told they don't sit still on the water and can make you feel sick due to trying to get all of the features from the bigger ones onto a small boat. Quite unstable? ? ? Never been on one though so I'm just saying what I was told. Jim I have the 50 Horses on mine and 30 MPH is available. ( But only when the water is flat )
  18. Tiddler

    Birthday greetings Raymond

    Happy Birthday.
  19. Tiddler

    Birthday greetings Allan

    Happy Birthday Allan. I see you're fishing tomorrow. Tight lines. Jim
  20. Tiddler

    Sea Start

    Saw Sea Start towing someone in and got this on my phone:
  21. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Gnasher

    Happy Birthday young Danny. Last time we can call you that ! Next year you'll be a silly old Duffer like Me ! ! ! ( well maybe not quite like me ) Beer & Cake is the order of the day ! Jim
  22. Tiddler

    one bass a day from October

    The Devil's in the Detail ( as they say ) !
  23. Tiddler

    Happy Birthday Dogfish Dave

    Happy Birthday Dogfish Dave. Beautiful day for it. Are you having the day off? Whatever you're doing . . . . . ENJOY Jim
  24. Tiddler

    one bass a day from October

    Tut Tut Oli
  25. Tiddler

    Air show antics

    Well done Rob. Jacqui & Myself were out in Tiddler on Saturday. Enjoyed the show & the weather.