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    Catch Reports

    What has happened to all the catch reports? Seems there were a number of members out over the week-end but no reports! I can recall this forum when you could regularly see what was being caught, if anything, but they were reports good bad or indifferent. Now it seems the only time a fish is recorded is a special catch, which is great of course, but the club has many members who are not proficient as others and may feel intimidated to report any fish caught even if it was just dogfish! Just try finding one of those LSD's when on a species hunt! So come on everyone make a simple report saying caught this or that or even nothing at all, we all have a bad day sometimes.
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    Bass - EU Regs

    Must be correct, the bass meister told me about it today. Terry.
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    Going out again on Sunday

    Major DIY on the go so not going out for the forseeable ! I DO enjoy seeing what you lot have been up to though !