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    Reel Wizzard

    Shambles trips

    Shambles take two. Well after leaving Cobbs with Allan and Jan at 6am we were down on the Shambles by 7.45 Tide was still ebbing but water looked quite dirty. First drift and both Jan and I had dogfish second drift Jan gets a ray while Allan I get tangled up. Tide turned and Jan has a taker Brill so we thought things were looking up, but that was it for rest of the morning. Slack water and we headed on down to the west buoy for a go at the plaice, fist drift and I get one but apart from a nice star fish and rock for Jan we never had any more takes so headed back to the eastern end for another go at the Turbot. Water was a lot clearer now and at last we managed to get some greater sand eels and herring, Allan caught a small Turbot which went straight back and apart from a long bit of rope that was it. never got back until 7.30pm so a very long day for very little reward.There was a lot of other boats fishing more like a car park which I am sure spooks the fish, we never saw many fish caught and left it a bit late to go on the plaice which meant we missed the best part of the tide. Had lovely weather though and if I could go again tomorrow I would not sure Allan would though?
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    Out this afternoon

    I will be finishing work at 1.30 today and I'm planning a little trip out for the afternoon/evening, Looks like a nice tide for a bit of drifting around we will be scratching around the piers and rocks on ch6. Mike
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    Alderney 2018

    I am
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    Alderney 2018

    Who me? nah
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    Reel Wizzard

    Shambles trips

    Well the first of two days planned for fishing the Shambles banks ended just past St Albans head when for the second time this year the boat over heated 😥 After letting her cool down topped up the water and headed back and spent the day on the Ray bank, fishing was not that good but did get a small Turbot, a couple of Ray's, smoothounds and lots of dogs. Hoping tomorrow's trip is more successful with Allan on Fisheagle.