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i'm in!

New kid on the block

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IMG_3373.HEICIMG_3373.HEICIMG_3373.HEICIMG_3377.HEICIMG_3382.HEICIMG_3387.HEICWent out Saturday with a new crew member 

Jacobs gone off the fishing a bit as he hit the teenager crisis 😢😢


anyway Jacobs sister Taya keeps on about fishing so decided to take her out 👍👍


set of into  to the harbour within five minutes first ever fish IMG_3373IMG_3382.HEIC.HEIC a very happy 5 year old 


a few more IMG_3377.HEIC IMG_3387.HEIC  the weather was so good we had time for a swim IMG_3382.HEIC


we had a great day out 😉 Now she thinks I'm the coolest grandad ever 😊😊


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Found this: :smileys-fish-465204:



What is HEIC?

HEIC is the file format name Apple has chosen for the new HEIF standard. HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image Format, and, as the name suggests, is a more streamlined way to store image files. Using advanced, modern compression methods it allows digital photographs to be created in smaller files sizes, all while retaining higher image quality than its JPEG alternative.


So !

Cool old Grandad's got a modern iphone and the rest of us CODGERS need to catch up. :)

I'd never heard of it as I'm an android;)

If it's any help I opened with GIMP and then exported as a .jpeg so the rest of us could see it.

Hope this helps.:smileys-fish-530232:




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Gimp is a free photo editor similar to Adobe photoshop.

It was Rob who posted info on it on here a few years ago.

Yet another learning curve that requires Doombar ( or equivalent ) 


Ah yes, the Gimp, great free tool!


Great pics kev whatever, making memories!!




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