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Tiddler out again.

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Tiddler out again. :smileys-fish-430558:

Jacqui thought we could go out mid week but decided on Friday instead.

Then we got the weather warning for thunderstorms for Friday. :(

Then on Thursday afternoon Jacqui informed me that they'd changed their minds again. :)

We were on the water by about 3:00 pm and headed across the harbour. It was windier than I expected.

We saw several charter boats inside the harbour which made us wonder what it was like outside ? ? ?

It was a little lumpy outside but nothing too bad for us.

The breeze was SSW so I said it would be flat in Studland.

Well I've never fished Studland bay before and probably won't again although it was lovely in the sunshine on a calm sea.

It was about 12ft deep, flat sandy bottom & no fish.

After a couple of hours relaxing Jacqui decided we should move to where the fish are. I explained the by now the breeze was in a line with Ballard & Old harry so once we were in line with them it would get lumpier.

That's OK she said.

We headed out to the " Secret mackerel mark " ( Just further out where the water was a bit deeper. )

She was straight into the fish from the start. Many wriggling off the hook before being boated so back in to get some more.

Within a few minutes we had about 10 so we stopped. That's plenty for the table.

Back into Studland to clean the fish and another peaceful and fruitless drift in the warm sunshine & cool breeze.

The chain ferry entrance area was quite turbulent but nothing for the Tiddler to worry about. As we got further in we could see that it was quite cloudy over the land a remarked on our lovely afternoon afloat! :lol:

Jacqui picked up this little fella in the harbour and I have no Idea what it is. I'll get the book out and try to find it.


Saturday when she came back from her Mum's she had a sandwich for lunch and whilst we were talking she said " we ought to go to IKEA."

Well her face was a picture when I said " OK then let's go ! "

Well she comes out on the boat with Me so it's the least I could do !

I spent the afternoon " OOOing & Pointing " had some lovely meatballs and got home about 9 ish . . . . . . Lovely ! :)






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Lovely report Jim, sounds like you had a good afternoon. Well done for taking one for the team and doing the ikea trip. It’s all about give and take eh !!

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Give & take indeed Neil.
It's easy to P*** them off but it's a long road back once you've done it !
Besides I enjoyed myself at IKEA ( but I'd never admit it ) :lol::smileys-fish-746921:
Probably just refreshing my memory the best route for the Boat Show ! :lol:

Very cunning .... I like your style Jim!!

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We got out again last Friday.

On the water for 2 ish

Back in for 6:30 ish

Jacqui had 3 mackerel and some fat bloke nicked one of them for bait. :lol:

I had 4 doggies and what I think was a Thornback. Big spikes on his back which made my fingers bleed. :(

Lesson learned !

We both got a bit tanned and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This weather's great for boating and fishing but all those jobs will sneak up on me later in the year. :(

Ah well!   Enjoy it while we can.:smileys-fish-430558:


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