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I'm sure many of you will have seen Brian's email and realised we've had some major web issues over the past week. Very frustrating indeed and due to no fault of our own. Nor was it a hack or anything like that so no need to worry about any security or personal details having been compromised.


I'm pleased to say that it's finally back up and running having had to completely rebuild the site's database over the past few days. I will be moving the whole site to a new server ASAP and the forum software, IPB, will also be updated to the new version as they no longer support the version we run. Unfortunately this will inevitably lead to a bit of downtime and also more than likely a new forum layout (which no doubt they consider an 'improvement') so it may take a bit of getting used to. I will be able to give you plenty of notice of this happening rather than the unexpected outages we've just had!


Please do let me know if you spot any bugs over the next couple of weeks as there may still need to be some tweaks made to get it back exactly as it was. I'll be lying down in a darkened room with a large drink!


Thanks for your patience,




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Very well done Oli, the ever shifting sands of the IT world, clearly this has been more than just a few hours work for you.


The whole system has been very stable indeed over the last few years so congratulations guys for there being so few problems.


Moving server etc I assume this is in the light of what just happened to get ahead of the game again.


As for having to have new layouts, well we just have to accept that when using third party software.

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Well done Oli in fixing this issue


We greatly appreciate your commitment to resolving this


A lot of people discovered how important this site is to their lives, me included.


I look forward to the time when we can relocate the site and be more confident in it continuing to run in a trouble free way.


At least we can plan the next downtime to move to a new server


many thanks



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