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Anyone got a bit of Woodland?

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Looking for a bit of woodland out of town where I can get permission to string up a tarp between a couple of trees and take the boys 'Wild Camping'. This is Back-to-basics, tarp, sleeping bag, fire to cook on. Bear Grylls/Ray Mears style. i.e. Not on a campsite!

You're not allowed to do this on Council land, in Forestry Commission woods, or in the New Forest. This is basically because if it was allowed, some sections of society would take the p155. The only public land where it is allowed is Dartmoor, but I'm looking for something a bit closer to home if possible.

If you've got, or know of, somewhere suitable, please let me know!



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If you can cope with a drive to Wiltshire I can sort you somewhere no problem. Spring would be better than now, but if you want now I can do. One of my beaters works for Ray Mears so might be able to help out if you wanted.

PM me if any interest.


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I do love a good old sing song around an open camp fire making dampers out of dough on old sticks and then when cooked (or burnt) covered in jam   :P  :P


Brings back my days as a Boy Scout etc. before girls/women came along and spent all my money!! :wacko:

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