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Sonarphone fish finder by Vexilar / purchased

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I was shown this by Pete ( Redfin) a while ago, you can say I was more than impressed.


This is a wifi sonar sender that connects to the supplied transducer to your ' I' device or tablet .


You don't need a network connection to use it , you can also use the split screen from you Navionics.


You will need to download the free app to make it work if you don't have Navionics


Price £ 128.00 , that is very little for such a clever system.


Below is a screen shot fo the demo on my iPhone







If you have other aboard with any phone the can see exactly what is going on , the range is around 50 yards so you also share with other craft is you felt the need .


No more cranking you head over to see in the cabin, just look at your phone


Picture below is what comes in the packet .








Installation time is around a hour for the fixed transducer , you can even buy the fully portable unit , going on holidays and hiring a boat or yak ? This is the answer .



I will be installing this on my boat and giving it a thorough test ASAP , plenty of very positive results on YouTube etc .


Peter has had his for a while and has said it is as good as a unit costing over a grand, that's one hell of lot of money imho .

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You showed me the demo the other day. How portable is the "fixed"transducer if I wanted to try it out?

I know you say there is a portable version but would like to see your version in action on Fisheagle before doing anything.

Who makes it? Where are they based ? Any chance of a demo from them?



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I have the fixed system, the portable one is er portable (suction transducer with battery pack )


I got mine from www,sparesmarine.co.uk in Torquay, as far as I'm aware they are the only official distributor in the UK .


Allan, can you download the Sonarphone app ( android ?) and I will give you the password for the wifi .( it's free)


This is a dual beam system that could be run alongside your existing unit ( not sure why you would want to do it but?) .


As long as the master system (my unit) is switched on to allow 'slaves' Via the wifi


The ',mericans' use it for ice fishing and Buddy boat competition.


They even made mount them on to remote controlled boats when fishing off the beach or side of a lake !


The wifi is NOT a internet connection.


I have just watched a carp fishing video on YouTube, remote controlled boat that dumps ground bait and tows the little portable transducer that is watched by its iPhone owner.


Just shows you those carp chaps take it all rather seriously, one video even has the tiny boat take out the braid and end tackle and releasing it by the remote control into a gully ! Where will it ever end

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