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Paul D

Plaice tactics

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Paul, I tried for Plaice last friday, and managed to bag two. My tactic was to don my coat, and nip down to the Chippy, I handed over a tenner and bagged two fillets. I also managed a large bag of chips, and had change!!!


I have alterred a couple of those spreaders that were sold at the club meeting a few months ago, snipped off the end rig link clips, and filled each arm of the spreader with Lumo beads, then replaced the link clip, and re crimped the wire, and covered with my own shrink tube. Then short droppers filled with beads can be hung from each clip, making a rig similar to the "Ventnor" style rig we use off......wait for it......Ventnor!


These rigs outfished any other type of rig on four trips, the same baits being used on all rigs. I'm hoping to get out on thursday, so will PM with results. The Plaice are showing already down West.



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