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Road Map To Recovery - Club Meetings to Resume August

This announcement is no longer active


An updated Covid message from our Chairman
Dear Members
Further to my previous depressing posts about the effect Covid -19 is having on our club and having to cease meetings, I hope I have some encouraging news.
The Government's road map to recovery suggests that no earlier than 21st June (Now postponed until July, all legal limits on social contact will be removed.
We have been in contact with the Conservative Club in Oakdale who will be commencing table service in May in the Club , and they will be happy to host out first meeting for 2021 on Tuesday 3rd August
We will conform with their rules but the majority of us will have received both our jabs by then, but members must make up their own minds about whether they will attend, if not minutes of the meeting will be published on the forum.
It will be good to see people again in person and i am looking forwards to this day.
I will keep you updated about the situation and whether the club has any rules for us to follow, if nothing changes significantly I will see you on 3rd August, usual meeting time is 7:30 for 8pm
Club Chairman"
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