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  1. A few pics from Fisheagle on Saturday
  2. Nice of you to keep me informed mate
  3. STATEMENT FROM THE ANGLING TRUST ON THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN RULES IN ENGLAND The regulations have now been published and confirm this eveningโ€™s message from the Cabinet Office that the Government have taken the decision that fishing will not be permitted during this national lockdown period. Whilst this is disappointing news I would ask anglers, fisheries and clubs to respect these rules and the reason they have been put in place; to help save lives and support the NHS. Individuals should not go fishing from midnight tonight (5th Jan) and clubs and fisheries should close their waters to anglers. We will be publishing more detailed guidance on specific areas like bailiffing and fishery maintenance once the Government regulations have been examined. Over past few weeks we have been in communication with the Government at the highest possible level. We have presented a strong case on how fishing could continue safely during the third national lockdown. We have explained that fishing benefits physical health and mental wellbeing and that it is regularly the only form of activity individuals undertake. You can read our representations to Cabinet Ministers here - https://anglingtrust.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Angling-and-outdoor-recreation-in-COVID-lockdown-3_DCMS.pdf My team and I have consistently presented the arguments ahead of the changing government guidelines, which have allowed fishing to remain permitted continuously since the first national lockdown was lifted in May. We have been successful when other sports have not as all anglers will know. However, with 60,000 new infections announced today the Government have taken the decision that leaving home for recreation or leisure, including all forms of recreational fishing, should be prohibited in England during this third national lockdown period. I thank you for your support and for being a credit to our sport. As members, you can rest assured that the Angling Trust will continue to represent our sport at the highest level and will present proposals for the resumption of angling when it is safe and sensible to do so. We will come through this period of national crisis. We will fish again, but until then, please, stay safe. Jamie Cook - CEO Angling Trust
  4. Thanks guys never seen a shad before let alone caught one !
  5. Hmmm good company ? That's not what you been calling me all day ๐Ÿ˜‚ It was a wonderful day out again on Fisheagle thanks to Alan my species count is climbing and a visiting friend who has come to down from the north to do some fishing down south had a great day sharing knowledge and banter and catching a few nice bream and red Gurnard thrown in for good measure so a good day had by all
  6. Codfather fishing tomorrow (Sunday) Skipper Nick Gower Crew Mike Hall
  7. Mike Hall and Coddy on Fisheagle
  8. I think hooky has some diagnostics for e tecs he had similar but not the same check all the connector blocks in the wiring loom as his was a dirty connector
  9. Mike Hall


    Lot of work to be done first Mr hook but it will be done ๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. Mike Hall

    fuel tanks

    Hi all I'm on the lookout for two 25 or 30 litre plastic outboard fuel cans cheers Mike
  11. Mike Hall


    A big thank you to our Mr Hook for the loan of his trailer and help in picking my boat up ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Mike Hall


    Cheers hooky will do mate
  13. Mike Hall


    No there was another company in bournemouth road . I know am brow stopped as I have used him in the past and often get bits from him
  14. Mike Hall


    Hi all I'm after a trailer to move a Wilson flyer 20 next week sometime might consider buying if at the right price . Local trailer hire place won't name them still have boat trailer hire on their website but when I called them he said oh no we just transport boats now ! We don't hire trailers anymore and you won't find any one across the south who does! So now I'm in the proverbial poo as I bought the boat on the assumption and (their website )that I could hire a trailer to move it . Any other ideas chaps ? Mike Hall
  15. Hi all Has any of you nice people have any of the boats in the title good friend and fishing buddy of mine just sold his little sea swift and looking around to upgrade looking at warrior 165 or predator equivalent was wondering if any of you nice fellows have one we can see in the flesh and maybe chat over your likes / dislikes of the boat what to look out for etc Many thanks Mike
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