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  1. daz

    comp report

    corky has a raider and mike fox caught that 15 beauty on his raider and corky catches the bass as well not as big as mr foxes but he does catch them ,its just me that cant catch them im sure they can sense its my line and avoid like the plague
  2. daz

    comp report

    yeah gnasher that was me onboard stargazer with corky , we had a so so day not the best and not the worst,i got my first ever tope only a baby of about 5lbs ,still i was chuffed yet another first on the stargazer for the dazman they are strong little devils wouldnt like to try and handle a 20lber thats for sure corky got a nice sized thorny but it snapped the line just as it got the side of the boat,we also tried a few drifst on dolphin banks but drew a blank so back of to ray mark ,you certainly have a nack of getting nice sized fish on board yours must get out 1 time with ya FISH ON
  3. daz

    Sunday's Window

    there was a good turn out for the flounder comp on sun i think the guy said it was the biggest turn out they have had yet chris had the biggest out of the lot of us at 2lb 5 0z ,only 3 fish caught all day i think the winning fish was 2lb 12 or 14 oz,no prizes for the fish we caught but chris and paddy won rods in the raffle so wasnt a complete blank got to laugh at a room of fisherman there was rumours of a 4lb beast caught and loads of i heard he had a 3lber ,id hate to be a policeman and try and get a statement form them all lol
  4. daz

    Ship Sinks

    i think its more of a safety issue stopping people takeing it, imagine a free for all in amongst that lot you can see the injurylawyers4u rubbing there hands with glee also offical clear up by the owners= less fine from the eco departments?? and also on a eco point i dont think they would appreciate loads of unco ordinated 4x4 and trucks and such tramping over fields and such to get to the beaches apart from that who wants a shed built??
  5. daz

    My Trip on HMS Southampton

    if you do fish of the back of it mind and not come near poole waters cos im sure thats over 12m dont want to break the law now do we............
  6. daz

    Needles Today

    nice catch lads good luck with your repairs paul
  7. daz

    Boxing Day Cod

    nice catch m8 and totally impreesed you managed to even attempt a pass for boxing day
  8. daz

    Drug testing.

    would that be prescription based drugs or all out illegal drugs???
  9. lol rob i bet you didnt scroll down read on i didnt either and told my gameing buddies they were wooping then i scrolled down good laugh
  10. daz

    Cod pics

    cheers for the info james corky proberly knows where the slate beds are but out of my own curiosity where are they?? im a noob and know nothing FISH ON!!!
  11. daz

    Cod pics

    QUOTE:but the mans an expert and he always has a few extra tips up his sleeve to help wrangle out a few when others blank buying fish from greenslades and passing them of as yours dosnt count! <<<<<jokeing are you and dommyboy getting out soon gnasher??? also off topic can you still fish the ray mark for rays at this time ofyear?? and is now the time to catch day time conger as i STILL havnt caught one!!! FISH ON!!!
  12. daz

    Cod pics

    nice fish m8 any chance you can give corky some tips plz were getting sick of wrasse FISH ON!!!!
  13. daz

    dolphins again !

    corky dig yer feathers out m8 were herring bashing any body know any good spots to get them?? or any particular techniche needed put a bit of worm on the eathers?
  14. daz

    dolphins again !

    am i right in thinking herring will take feathers ?? if not what will they take i fancy a herring butttie FISH ON!!!
  15. daz

    RNLI Survey On Lifejackets...

    legislation is fine m8 but how do they police it ?? just out of curiosity like?? how is it enforced in ireland?? i suppose when they impose the rod licence on us it would give there ss officers more ammo to give you a ticket i can see the future now a speeding camera to catch you at sea and all in this photo they can see if youve got life jacket and face recoginiton to see if you got a valid rod license .BEWARE big Brother is watching you and p.s they cant do anything about that jumbo sized trawler in your same photo because its not registered in this country <<<<sarcasim FISH ON!!!!