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  1. Newboy

    New anchor winch

    And I found the perfect place to put the anchor once it's up😁
  2. Even tho it had been expected but still a shock. Rip my friend.
  3. I believe it was developed by a dentist, when started fixing things at home with his dental glue from work.
  4. Wandering how many people will change their password to incorrect just for a laugh😁
  5. Happy birthday Martin, forget the glass just have the whole bottle
  6. Saw this news about ham sandwich on the Dutch border https://amp.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/11/dutch-officials-seize-ham-sandwiches-from-british-drivers Can't stop but think does it mean you can catch and keep any fish when going to Cherbourg if the French acts as strict as the Dutch?
  7. In that case, most of the population here have been vaccinated over Xmas😂
  8. Suppose it all depends on how quickly they can vaccinate the population in Guernsey and Alderney.
  9. Surely it will come under category green house instead of boats😁
  10. Newboy

    Fishing wars?

    If the catch are landed in the UK, taxes would be paid into the UK coffer, isn't it? Also he UK would have control over the yearly quota. They can increase or reduce the quota according to research.
  11. Newboy

    Fishing wars?

    I don't see how it's seizing their property. If the boat is UK registered it surely can still catch fish after the 1st of January, only it can only land fish in the UK (if that's how it works), they still catch x amount of fish, only difference is it can only be sold in a UK fish auction market before it can be exported. Yes, they will put punitive tariff on seafood, but end of day it's about economic numbers, if import seafood becomes expensive, i can't see EU caught seafood being sold at the "same" price as they are now, it's human nature to be greedy, so ppl will up their prices just
  12. Newboy

    Fishing wars?

    Whatever quota it will be, if the boat is British registered, it will have the rights to land fish. Unless the government can make catches made in UK waters can only be landed in the UK.
  13. Can comment on private boats but I'm sure club members are very conservation minded and return young fish. However I've seen anglers along anything legal.
  14. Is it me or there seems to be lot more codlings being caught than previous years?
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