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  1. mike02380

    Savage gear slugs

    <br /><br />bout a minute in for the twin rig
  2. mike02380

    Savage gear slugs

    http://blog.okumafishing.com/2012/10/amazing-sand-eel-slug-twin-rig/ try this mate.
  3. mike02380

    Stolen Engines

    Sorry t o hear the bad news - the boat yard you can see on the left of the M27 when going over the Hamble towards Portsmouth has a number of boats parked in it without engines - I wonder if they have been hit too.
  4. mike02380

    Only one bite........

    1 bites all you need
  5. mike02380

    what a difference a couple of digits makes!

    glad its come good for you
  6. mike02380

    Cod Competition - Sunday 18th

    good luck guys, you got a good wind forecast and its really sunny, hope the coddies come out to play, gutted i'm not out but having to do what i'm told so i don't annoy swmbo.
  7. mike02380

    Kent cod meet 2012 full report

    good read, cheers Lofty, your efforts well rewarded with some coddies
  8. mike02380

    Slow day at the Needles

    slow inshore for me - just dogs and pout. great in the sun though
  9. mike02380

    Happy Birthday Little Sal

    happy birthday graham. raising the engine on my raider worked a treat. increased the revs on a larger pitch which helped with economy and increased top speed. hope you get the same on your new boat
  10. mike02380

    Loftys 1st Cod

    there is piece of meat on each cheek which is delicious.
  11. mike02380

    Loftys 1st Cod

    Get the chips on
  12. mike02380

    Great start to the cod season!

    Hi Jimbob - it was me who waved from the other raider late afternoon, I fished inshore and managed a 12lb cod and plenty of whiting on baited feathers over slack.
  13. mike02380

    Dawn Raider Goes shark fishing!

    Great report. Sounds like a good adventure
  14. mike02380

    hi just joined

    Welcome - I also have a raider 18 (english) in christchurch with a 115 optimax. what lump you got on yours? see you out there Mike
  15. mike02380

    Warrior 165 for sale

    Glad you are sorted jim and enjoy the new boat .