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  1. Hi Jim, Yeah, I'm still floating in the background. Starting a new job soon, so you never know I might even have time to go fishing again. BTW, a new home has been found for the mags (within 10 mins of posting it!!!).
  2. Boat Fishing Monthly magazines from issue 3 to 63, free to a good home. If interested give me a call on 01258 453759 (Blandford). Cheers Bob F
  3. Bob F

    Joint Venture for Sale

    Ah, shucks! It brings a tear to my eye. I love the boat, and you lot ain't bad, either, so it's hard to call it a day. But you'll not get rid of me that easily, I've got the Open to win, yet.
  4. Bob F

    Alderney 2 2012

    Sorry guys, but I will have to drop out. I have to be at work on Tuesday. So, JV will not be going to Alderney. Alun, I see you have already made other arrangements to crew for someone else. Rob, you will need to do the same. For me, this is probably the end of my attempt to get to Alderney this year.
  5. Bob F

    Alderney 2 2012

    Hi Terry Ribeye for me, please. Bob F
  6. Bob F

    Alderney 2 2012

    1. Alfresco..............Charlie , Dan , Nigel, Ben 2. Mrs. Sea .........Greg, Terry, Alfie. 3. JV....................Bob, Alun, Rob But I can only do Fri-Mon. I have customer appointments on Tues.
  7. Bob F

    Alderney 2012

    I think Rob might be sleeping on board. I'll be in a proper bed, and not with the bunnies!!
  8. Bob F

    Alderney 2012

    Jim, Weather permitting, weather permitting. But, yes, I'm quite excited at the prospect!
  9. Bob F

    Alderney 2012

    It guess the dates in the club calendar were just a place holder that Coddy entered back in 2011. So, the calendar needs to be changed to 11-14th. I think we are all onboard with the 11-14th dates, agreed?
  10. Bob F

    Alderney 2012

    Can someone confirm the dates for the Alderney trip? The posts here seem to suggest 11-14 May but the club calendar is saying 18-21 May. I plan to be taking JV with Alun and Rob as crew. cheers BF
  11. Bob F

    Mass Birthdays

    50 and counting...Man, it was tough getting here. All down hill now though. Thanks All!!
  12. Bob F

    Bream Comp Sunday 15th

    Inshore forecast at 12:00 today (Saturday) is: 24 hour forecast: West or northwest 4 or 5. Mainly slight. Showers, becoming fair later. Good. Outlook: Northwest backing west, 4 or 5. Slight, occasionally smooth in the solent. Fair. Moderate or good. As most of the Bream grounds are close to shore and there are sheltered areas with this wind direction, the comp is ON. But, skippers must make their own decisions on the day. The Poole Sea Angling Centre comp is also still going ahead.
  13. Bob F


    Adam and I have an Aquafish 23 which we build a couple of years ago. Standard length cabin. Purchased the bare hull with the deck in place. Got plenty of photos or you can come and have a look. She's moored in Poole. cheers Bob
  14. Bob F

    Anglers saved in Weymouth lifeboat rescue

    Colin Yes, if you are having problems with your radar give me a shout. cheers BF