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  1. tom

    Weather window tomorrow

    Illusion will be out .Hopefully a few whiting.
  2. tom


    We caught its twin at northaven today. Only the one.
  3. tom

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Illusion.Bob ,Tom.
  4. tom

    Ray Competition

    Had a good day on Illusion with tope,best 30lb plus.2 nice bass 4 and5 llb.Good size bream and a 20lb Blonde ray caught by a non member. We also had the smallest congers I have ever seen plus a couple of mackerel A real pleasure to be out.
  5. tom

    Ray Competition

    Illusion, Sunday Tom, Bob and one non member.
  6. tom

    Leg Antifoul

    Hi Jerry, I use Trilux 33,lasts for a season.
  7. tom

    sand eel trawl

    I have a sand eel net.Complete with otter boards,ropes etc.I have not used it in years.If you are interested contact me on 01 202 576267. Regards Tom
  8. tom

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Illusion entering both comps on Sunday with 1 crew non member.
  9. Bob and Tom in Bobs boat,P.J.R. Both comps.
  10. tom

    Cod Competition

    Illusion with Tom and two Bobs on Sunday. Weather permitting.
  11. tom

    Bass Competition

    Thanks Martin and Charlie for adding my fish.Still a big mystery for me,Regards Tom.
  12. tom

    Bass Competition

    Hi Neal, Managed a bass of 7lb 8oz today off the 6 mile bank.Lovely fish,I have a photo on my phone but unble to send it Regards Tom
  13. tom

    Spring Species Hunt

    Illusion with Tom and Bob,for Sunday.
  14. tom

    Bream Competition

    Hi Neal, Fished dancing Ledge,best fish on the boat was Bob Cockayne with a Bream of 2lb.We had plenty but all smaller and returned,Regards Tom.
  15. tom

    Bream Competition

    Hi Neal,Please add Phil Trevit to the crew of Illusion Many Thanks Tom.