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  1. Belated birthday wishes Pete @Kingstonpete
  2. Madness will be out Saturday with Dean and I
  3. Similar day to me Graham. We went through the 10:30 bridge with the masses. First stop was Studland however it was windier then expected so went back in the harbour. Motored up through blood alley and said to the crew it looks nice here but no apparently we had to go up behind Arne to see if Sammy seal was home, nope. It was however full of boats plus still windy with northerlies blowing through so back to blood alley. Dropped the hook in a suitable place and had them jumping all around us..................................grand kids that is jumping off the boat, they had a blast playing loads of water games. It was Phoebe's 12th birthday who had commandeered the boat for her last before teen birthday treat. Boats are great for fishing and entertaining the family. Feeling privileged even though I had caught no fish but did make some loverly memories, lubberly jubberley
  4. Happy belated birthday wishes Lofty
  5. Maverick


    Aahh we love you to grockle
  6. Maverick


    Welcome to our club website Adam and I hope you find it useful. If you want to glean even more information then why not join us proper. Once a fully paid up member you would have access to our members only section where most activity happens. Membership also give access to other club benefits Regards, Martin (Vice Chairman)
  7. Hi Jerry Veronica and I are away on the boat from Thursday returning either Sat or Sun, if we return on Sat I will enter but if we return on Sun probably not. I'll update/confirm/or not as soon as I can
  8. Wow that's bloody awful. Pleased to hear they are both ok albeit shaken. I also seriously hope the yacht owner is hauled over the coals and set light to.
  9. Sorry I've not heard about this but would be interested if anyone else does know
  10. Or Steve Porter of True Blue Phil Higgins Mistress Linda
  11. Yep thanks for that Charlie so many toys and to little memory lol Now edited
  12. 1 12" and 1 7" combos, 1 fixed Compass and 1 bearing compass, Radar,1 fixed vhf + 1 handheld, phone, tablet, paper charts That's total Madness
  13. Maverick

    Good old Wood

    That's really good Jim, turn around and take a virtual pat on the back
  14. Other way around Jim You have a pm Graham
  15. Hey both, Hope you have both had a great day, Happy Birthday
  16. Happy birthday Dan, hope you had a great day
  17. Oi watch it or you could be outlawed
  18. Welcome Jon. I would so love to upgrade you but it is more than my privileges are worth I have to answer to a committee and we all know what they are like don't we @Rob
  19. Unfortunately Dean and I never caught a flatie on Sunday. By the time we got back into Poole Bay (from Hamble) it was a little to rough for that kind of fishing however we did have a few Bream
  20. Have a great and safe weekend guys. I'll be there next year..................hopefully
  21. Well if we come out of Southampton waters then go west along the solent we are in club waters although we may decide to go the other way in which case we will be out. On second thoughts I have changed our entry to Sunday as we will be going home then anyways
  22. Madness - Martin + Dean non member. Sunday
  23. Yes caught another specimen
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