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  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday guys
  2. That's the way Ian start em young
  3. I had similar closer to home. Dean and I were returning from a day out. Coming past the chain ferry our radar arch was struck by a lead. I immediately aimed our boat at the small pier that the trip boats use, jumped off and instructed Dean to stand guard whilst I went and saw this chap to give him some verbal abuse. Afterwards I was so pleased that this guy was submissive as he towered above me in all directions and had he decided to lamp me one I would probably not have got up. When I got back on our boat I was still shaking, the Adrenalin was really making me buzz. Sorry for the fred drift
  4. Hopefully Gary didn't do the brickwork lol Belated birthday wishes Gary
  5. We were at Portland this pm and were looking out onto a smoothish looking sea close in but with large rollers crashing up the rocks. Looking out at the boats fishing both the race and the shambles they looked to be rolling and pitching a lot
  6. Wishing you the best Birthday Terry, I hope Dilys Amanda and Mike spoil you rotten,
  7. That's not the attitude Mal, what the hell are you up to that's more important than club comps See you in the morning
  8. I guess this comp runs along the same lines as most of our competitions Competition rules So a continuous 7 hour period prior to the finishing times would sound about right?
  9. That's the way to do it, a bit more punchy than what the uk does
  10. Flybridge/screen You could ask where to buy one on HERE
  11. Hope it was a goodun Oli, Happy Birthday
  12. Well done Tom, any fish is better than no fish
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