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  1. Maverick

    New Cabinet sworn in

    They actually look better and more professional than the muppets we currently have
  2. Maverick


    I guess you're looking for reviews on the 215 Arvor ? Sorry can't help as never owned one but good luck with the selling and buying. Megabyte should sell fairly easily as the Warriors are well sought after
  3. Maverick

    Ray Competition

    Martin & Jim on Madness If interested room for one more crew member
  4. Maverick


    Was talking to someone today who said they had received a warning through the post saying they were recorded in middle channel breaking the speed limit
  5. Maverick

    Save our Bass

    Yes Southern Ifca although to prosecute I believe they need photos or to actually catch them in the act
  6. Maverick

    Birthday greetings Lofty

    A very happy 70th Steve, eyes and ears are the first to go, enjoy your smoke
  7. Maverick

    Wareham Channel pub

    Lake yard has visitor berths and the food is good. Cobbs Quay yacht club the food is mediocre and hit and miss, upside is the beer is good. Poole boat haven has visitor berths with several eateries in and around the quay. Shell Bay Restaurant has a pontoon in the adjacent boatyard (owned by same peeps) but I believe it dries out at low water. When Veronica and I went earlier this summer (by foot) I asked if we could use the pontoon and the waitress said no probs. The food here is good and worth a visit.
  8. Maverick

    I’ll get my coat part 2..

  9. Maverick


    So who is going from Poole? Perhaps we could go in one or two cars Copy and paste names 1. Martin
  10. Maverick

    Tonight’s Meeting

    Hi Martin Good to meet you also. I thought looking at your phone that you were registered on the forum as a club member but you were not. I have now upgraded your forum status to that of club member, you now have full access to our site. See you next month Martin
  11. Maverick

    Junior Comp 10 or 11th August

    Apologies but we are away this coming weekend so cannot enter our offspring
  12. Maverick

    Bass Comp 2019

    Really! I wonder who that was We have all been there