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  1. Other way around Jim You have a pm Graham
  2. Hey both, Hope you have both had a great day, Happy Birthday
  3. Happy birthday Dan, hope you had a great day
  4. Oi watch it or you could be outlawed
  5. Welcome Jon. I would so love to upgrade you but it is more than my privileges are worth I have to answer to a committee and we all know what they are like don't we @Rob
  6. Unfortunately Dean and I never caught a flatie on Sunday. By the time we got back into Poole Bay (from Hamble) it was a little to rough for that kind of fishing however we did have a few Bream
  7. Have a great and safe weekend guys. I'll be there next year..................hopefully
  8. Well if we come out of Southampton waters then go west along the solent we are in club waters although we may decide to go the other way in which case we will be out. On second thoughts I have changed our entry to Sunday as we will be going home then anyways
  9. Madness - Martin + Dean non member. Sunday
  10. Yes caught another specimen
  11. At work we use Elite fabrications in Poole for fabrication of special parts for showers etc and have always found them fairly priced with excellent quality work. Not used them for boat stuff but their website says they do marine stuff
  12. Jim's ex boss's (Tony of Robton Engineering or I believe his son now) company makes them to order so you or Jim design and Tony's guys would manufacture. I'm sure it would only be 2 pivot points plus one catch point with a drop down pin to secure or some such bodge..
  13. Welcome back into the fold Graham. I have updated your membership on here and merged your old account "Little Sal" with this one so all your history is together Martin
  14. The above is not brass, you should never use brass for any underwater fittings is should be bronze or the newer nylon types
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