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  1. And mine but I wouldn't want to be paying for something that sub standard
  2. Conger King hasn't been on here since 2012 so I doubt he will receive your good wishes
  3. Sorry Adrian I am the wrong person to ask about fixed spool reels as I hardly ever use them in fact I only have one cheap fixed spool which I don't even know the name of. I am a lover of the original ABU multipliers and tend to use them for almost everything.
  4. Their isn't any copies as ABU ceased making the synchro prior to the Chinese taking control of a large part of ABU reel manufacture. Other style original ABU reels will have made in Sweden stamped on the side plate where as those made in China will not
  5. @fisherman1055 you have a volunteer above
  6. Easy my 25 year old abused one is fully functional but tatty, my little used second hand model is in near new condition however, it really doesn't matter which one I use as both are loaded with 25lb Crystal Whiplash and work equally well
  7. I just love the ABU 7000 synchro. They are great for all sorts of medium weight work. I use mine for just downtiding or even better when wrecking. I have owned one from new, it must be 25 years old now plus I have just purchased another second hand that is in near new condition. Best feature on them is if a fish runs and you want it to take line 1/3 of a turn on the handle in reverse and you have just reduced the drag by around 30%, wind forward you then have your previous drag setting. Solid original Swedish made reels, much better quality than most of the current Chinese made ABU's
  8. Happy birthday Adrian
  9. Stuie, you know what I'm going to say.........................................yep you're always welcome on Madness
  10. Maverick


    Hi Ian, they are yours. Collect, post or wait until meetings restart?
  11. Go see Pete at Quay West Chandlery he will sell you the chain and splice to your rope for a reasonable charge
  12. Kathryn email them to maverickofpoole@hotmail.com and I will load them for you
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