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  1. Maverick

    48 hr Comp

    Graham, stay asleep and dream about fishing Seriously get well soon
  2. Maverick

    Tiddler gets out !

    That brightened up my day and gave me a laugh (sorry Jim I know it's not funny in your world)
  3. Maverick

    Birthday greetings Mick & Kim

    Happy birthday both
  4. Maverick

    Saturday numbers

    Yes but you would still be eligible to enter any fish you catch in our waters into the fish of the month competition which is an ongoing comp
  5. Maverick

    Saturday numbers

    I would agree with Dave that any of the banks south of the iow can hold tope. Not sure about conger but have caught them in open waters ie the cod grounds that would appear almost barren on the plotter.
  6. Maverick

    Saturday numbers

    For clarity club waters as in the rules are:
  7. Sorry we are away for the 2 first options but should be around to fish the 15th September
  8. Maverick


    See you on the water Kim
  9. Maverick


    Hi Jerry, I was almost sat next to you last night and still forgot to give you the money. Please also send me your account details and i'll transfer the money
  10. Maverick

    Birthday greetings Bob

    Happy Birthday Bob
  11. Maverick

    Diesel tank sludge

    On a serious note was balance restored? and in your last post did you mean manufacturer's full revs achieved?
  12. Maverick

    Diesel tank sludge

    None of us are going next year
  13. Maverick

    Evening trips Logistics , names , dates

    Love this photo, it brings back memories of when I first joined the club and the way we used to fish comps, maybe not quite as close together but we certainly fished within defined areas
  14. Maverick


    I'm with YYacht Insurance Another forum I go on has a legal guy on there who says this insurance companies policy is one of the best out there