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  1. Same for me, my boat came from Jersey and was subject to the vat @ 20%
  2. Well done I didn't even get a cake for my birthday
  3. I remember Jim, lovely fella but not seen him in years, Condolences to his family and friends
  4. Happy birthday Hooky, I bet your down cuddling your new engine again
  5. Happy birthday both, not a bad day either weather wise
  6. Maverick

    Boat Insurance

    Thats a big jump Tom, I'm with yyacht insurance who seem ok
  7. My boat is currently on the hard so no fishing for me until after the 17th March when its relaunched and the Madness begins. I have a couple of guys doing the exterior minor gel repairs and polishing also replacing the boot line. I have removed what was left of the anodes, sanded below the water line (not fun) and primed as nec. I have cleaned off the shafts and rudders just the props, and P bracket then ready for the anti fouling.. Dean will likely clean the interior of the boat so 1 less job for me. I'm having a new fly-bridge cover made which will hopefully be do
  8. As Jim says Superb, Enjoy and fill your boats hooky
  9. Dave was never happier than when he was catching fish, here are some memorable fish from his timeline
  10. Jim, I believe it has been arranged that the club will have a member their to represent us and convey our thanks for the life of Dave
  11. Agree with your sentiments Allan, Dave was a character that will be greatly missed
  12. Happy Birthday Mikey and Robbie
  13. Just click buttons until you know what they all do after all, you won't break anything
  14. Wishing you a very happy birthday Danny
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