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  1. Maverick

    Sailors Resuced

    Why do some folks think they are so special? beggars belief that the planet has so many idiots although remember, you can't legislate for idiots
  2. Maverick

    Birthday greetings John

    Happy Birthday John, if nothing else you have had nice weather
  3. Maverick

    Birthday greetings Adam

    Happy birthday Adam, hope your having a great day
  4. Maverick

    New warrior

    It is the same as Tom's offshore. Not sure the boat would be as sea worthy as the inboard version. Also the outboard version will be quick but you might like to invest in gum shields
  5. Maverick

    Passing the time

    Mike I will definitely not be doing it all this morning
  6. Maverick

    Passing the time

    What I want to know is how do you retired types ever cope with the volume of work? Since lock down I have been everyday in the garden doing jobs. When I started there was just a few jobs on my list, after a week slaving away my list has got longer how does that happen? When I finally finish the garden/exterior list (if ever) I dread to think what the house jobs list will look like . Can't wait to get back to work for an easy life
  7. Maverick

    Artifical reef off Training bank

    No cutting the corner now then
  8. Maverick

    New Member Adrian

    Adrian, I had a Warrior 195 (not made any more) with a 150hp outboard which we trailed. They were 19'10" and weighed over 1400lb without the engine, fuel batteries etc so came in at around 1900lb all up. 2 of us could launch and retrieve at baiter on a full multi roller trailer easily at high water but half way down the slip was very hard work, at low water forget even trying to retrieve here. Due to the steepish ramp at Cobbs I could launch there single handed but you obviously pay a premium for launching there. The trophy boats are imo very good although the older ones "Bayliner" were near the budget end and so was the quality but they are still very useable. The newer "Trophy" boats are of good quality. The biggest thing to be careful of is the engine as this can give grief and should you make the wrong choice be very costly.
  9. Maverick

    POM March

    Me after day one in isolation
  10. Maverick

    Alderney 2020

    Agreed Charlie and let's hope the restrictions are not in place for an overly long period of time
  11. Maverick

    New Member Adrian

    Hi Adrian Welcome to the club and I look forward to reading your questions and if I can, responding with suitable advice. There is so much expertise within the club that I'm sure if you ask the right questions the membership can help you purchase the right boat and equipment that's needed. Ready and waiting Martin
  12. Maverick

    Alderney 2020

    and drink
  13. Maverick

    Alderney 2020

    Dean told me of this today. We thought if the weather was good we may well go to Portland instead assuming we are not in lock down of course
  14. Maverick


    I was only just saying, if I work on the boat over the weekend no breaky or coffee unless the shop is open for takeaways? I'll update tomorrow