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    Hi All

    Thanks all, need to expand my horizons beyond scratching around the bay for bream & mackerel (fun all the same)! @jerry.shutterif you’re a member of Christchurch ac, they have some stretches worth a visit for grayling, or esp if you like the challenge of flyfishing. ps Out in the bay this afternoon, Bob sold me the perfect little vessel for a few hours out! So good to be on the water.
  2. Chasajay

    Hi All

    Hi all, thought I'd say Hello. Just (re)-joined after a long absence (and with a commitment to be a more active participant this time 🙂). My boat Splash Out (Alaska) was owned by an active member prior to me (I bought her 2008 ish). Hope to join in a fair amount, learn a lot & contribute where I can. Apart from being out on the boat, do a lot of flyfishing on the rivers here and Devon, & fancy a go at the salt water fly fishing this year. Berthed at Cobbs on the stack. Look forward to meeting up. Charlie
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