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  1. That's super interesting! Used to fish a lot close to Old Harry but never very close. You mean not at anchor, just drift right?
  2. Thanks for the advice! Hope the weather will allow to go out in autumn time. By the way any chance for Pollock in the Poole Bay area? Last week I towed my boat to West Bay and we caught 2x9lb pollock and 2x6lb bass + some decent size black bream. That was really amazing day out. It was reef bottom and 30 meters deep though.
  3. Thanks Rob. Yeah, this is what I thought. Poole Bay's bottom is mostly sandy and flat so congers have no places to hide. I'd consider to tow my boat to Swanage and shall try that area or just give it a drive from Poole Harbour its not that far away.
  4. Hi, fishing withing Poole Bay usually target smaller species such as gurnard, bream, mackerell... Any clues where to direct my boat to catch a conger eel? In my 17.7 ft Shetland I usually go not further than 4 miles off shore.
  5. Adam


    Hiya, one year old lurker here haha. My name is Adam and I own a boat and go fishing from time to time in Poole Bay area. Some times I tow my boat to Bridport searching Lime Bay too.
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