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    Fishing, shooting, training spaniels, real ale and https://www.offshoreoutlaws.co.uk/
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  1. Andy135

    Radar safety

    Fair point. I was 15 miles from the marina, but probably no more than 5 from the nearest land (Selsey Bill).
  2. Andy135

    Radar safety

    Well, I can confirm that Jersey Girl was fine whilst being bollocked by HMS Ledbury at the Overfalls today. No electrical gremlins, just a flea in my ear for getting too close to their live firing exercises 😬💥
  3. Andy135

    Radar safety

    Sounds like an interesting tale! Has the vino worn off yet??
  4. Andy135


    Steady on Graham, you'll have me signing up if you're not careful and I'm not even on PBSBAC's patch! 🤣👍
  5. Andy135


    Welcome Adam. 👍
  6. The FBM body is used as a buck, and RTV silicone is used for the mould itself. Once hardened, the mould retains the shape of the FBM body, so you can pour with soft plastic lure liquid of whatever hard/softness you choose to make bodies for pennies. I use the lure liquid from Lure Factors for my bodies, in Medium or Soft grade. Here are some I poured from the FBM mould I made. Shop bought lure at the top. Mine below. And showing the belly slits for the hooks. @Maverick, hope it's ok to cross-link to one of our OO articles? https://www.offshoreoutlaws.co.uk/articles.html/articles/how-to-design-and-make-soft-plastic-lure-moulds-r6/ @alun j., the FBM mould was only a one part top pour mould, rather than the two part mould in the article but the basic principles are the same. I don't have the mould with me or I'd share some pics of that too.
  7. Agreed. I made a FBM mould and now pour my own for exactly this reason.
  8. That's a great fish! Good work. 👍 I've always found FBM's to be THE lure for wrasse. Just gently drag it across the bottom and wait for the knock.
  9. Ok, who let him in then?? 🤣 Hello Jon. As @Tarlach. says, there is no escape 🤦‍♂️
  10. Don't hold your breath.... 🤣
  11. Ooh! Look at that. He's getting his excuses for blanking in early.
  12. What he said! 👆👆👆🕺
  13. What he said! 👆👆👆🐶
  14. Impressive planning and effort Terry. 👍 Unfortunately Jersey Girl is already committed elsewhere on the first weekend of July, so I'll have to withdraw. Tight lines to all who make it over there 🎣🎣
  15. I can put you on more fish than you could ever dream of. You like catching dogfish right??
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