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  1. Andy135

    Super Trawlers

    I got the same reply Terry. It sounded like a series of tenuously related paragraphs that were copy & pasted from elsewhere in the hope that they could baffle me with bullsh*t. Like you I don't feel they're committing to any concrete action on super-trawlers.
  2. Andy135

    Plastic/fibreglass moulding.

    Another vote for adjustable brackets here. I have a flush mounted unit that is harder to see (wrong angle) than the two bracket mounted units, which I have angled to suit my height. I also find that it's easier to flick my eyes between the bracket units and the horizon, whereas my whole head has to look down to see the flush mounted unit.
  3. Andy135

    Angling Trust news

    Fishing is now allowed. https://anglingtrust.net/covid-19/
  4. Andy135

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year all! 👍👍
  5. Andy135

    Alderney 2021...

    I'm keen. Either to take Jersey Girl over or as crew for Tarlach Too.
  6. If you like my posts and want to see more, you can find me at https://www.offshoreoutlaws.co.uk/

  7. Andy135


    Hi Pete, Welcome to the wonderful world of boat ownership 👍 As for your question, I have no direct experience of the Raymarine kit, but I can suggest that for the vast majority of anglers, we do just fine with Chirp, Down and Sidescan views. It's easy to spend a lot of money quickly, chasing the next best thing in sonar imaging but I recommend you go for regular chirp/down/sidescan and learn to use it effectively. You'll find that it's perfect for 99% of our fishing here in the UK.
  8. Andy135

    Merry Christmas PBSBAC

    Festive wishes to you all. Here's to a relaxing holiday season. Fingers crossed for calm seas and tight lines in the new year. All the best, Andy
  9. Andy135


    Ouch! Some proper toe-curlers there 😬
  10. Andy135

    Any solicitors in the club?

    Agree with this. Mrs135 is also a solicitor, and she's said the same. It's likely to be the firm in question putting on a good show for whatever reason. Glad it's all sorted itself out in the end though.
  11. Andy135

    Solent - 8th November. Wot, no cod??

    South of the Needles the size does improve. The solent congers were underwhelming.
  12. Andy135

    Solent - 8th November. Wot, no cod??

    Like anything it depends where you fish. The ones we had in the Solent were quite small. The further offshore, the bigger they seem to get in my experience.
  13. Andy135

    Solent - 8th November. Wot, no cod??

    Sounds very nice. May well give that a try next time I get a deep-hooked one.
  14. Andy135

    Solent - 8th November. Wot, no cod??

    I tried them once but found them a bit gelatinous, a bit mushy. Is there a way to improve their texture?
  15. Andy135

    Solent - 8th November. Wot, no cod??

    Thanks Malc, we'll give that a try next time out. We were using squid and lug with a strip of bluey. Also mackerel, pout and live baited whiting (which took a conger instead of the cod it was intended for... 🙄). Conger do seem to be everywhere this season.