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  1. Andy135

    Oh bugger

    He's a pro. He'll be using his left handed screwdrivers and his glass hammer for this job [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Andy135

    Refurb and running repairs on JY177

    Here's what I did on my Saturday afternoon... 😁 Sadly no double salchow though. My back's bad enough as it is 🤣👍
  3. Andy135

    Flounder rig?

    I think you might find that a bit small for flounder Brian. Don't want them to be deep-hooked.
  4. Andy135

    Navionics Chart View

    Charlie, I couldn't find Lats & Longs on the Navionics Web App viewer either, and I've been using it for years. I suspect you may have to download the Navionics Boating App for your phone/tablet. The Web App viewer is good, but a bit bare bones - it doesn't have the full functionality of the paid-for version. However, you can find accurate lats & longs on the DORIS site here: https://www.dorsetwildlifetrust.org.uk/doris Below is an image of where to find the co-ordinates when using the DORIS viewer. Note that the co-ords will reference the location that your mouse is over - move your mouse and the co-ords change. I find it useful for mousing over a wreck on the map, then noting the location 👍
  5. Andy135

    9th Birthday Treat

    Great report and a great day out! Well done for taking them and well done to both of them for some top angling. Happy birthday Blake! 👍
  6. Andy135

    Refurb and running repairs on JY177

    Thanks Tiddler 👍. For my next trick, I'll be trying a chain to warp back splice. Wish me luck 🤞
  7. Andy135

    Oh bugger

    As I said on the other site, ask him about the process for claiming on the warranty, how many other customers have successfully claimed, and ask to be put in touch with a couple of them for verification.
  8. Andy135

    Refurb and running repairs on JY177

    Also made up some lines for her a couple of weeks back. First time trying an eye splice. Pretty pleased with how they turned out. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  9. Andy135

    Refurb and running repairs on JY177

    Replaced the deck wash pump today. Also tidied up the connections for the HDS9 and test fitted a new bait board. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  10. Andy135

    Oh bugger

  11. Andy135

    Oh bugger

    Ouch! Your wallet has my deepest sympathies... 😥
  12. Andy135

    Refurb and running repairs on JY177

    Further to the above I've since removed the HDS5 from the second helm station, enlarged the hole in the wheelhouse and installed the HDS7 in its place. Wired up and fired up. All good. The original hole with the HDS5 removed. The template marked up, showing the areas of GRP to be removed. The finished installation.
  13. So as with any used boat, there are a few niggles that I want to sort out on JY177. The list started off quite small, but the more time I spend working on her, the more things I find I want to do or fix. So far I've removed the Lowrance LSS-1 downscan/sidescan transducer and black box, and in its place I've installed the Active Imaging 3-in-1 transducer from Apache (the orginal Totalscan transducer has gone back on Apache). The LSS-1 kit may be available shortly - need to test that it works and assuming so I'll advertise it here. I've drained the propylene glycol from the Airmar M260 transducer tank and epoxied up a leak in the tank itself. Need to re-fill it with new fluid next. I've started to unpick the wiring loom from behind the helm - much of what is there seems to have been done well/competently, which is encouraging. There are some oddities but nothing too serious or un-fixable. For example, the deck light is not wired into a switch or power - just loose cables routed round to behind the dash. Or the fact that the existing plotters are wired into the permanent live side of the switch panel, and therefore aren't actually switched, or the fact that the stern bilge pump was wired to run off the Start battery instead of the House. I've also replaced the diaphragm on the manual bilge pump which had gone dry and cracked along the fold inside. And nipped up a small weep in the main helm hydraulic unions. Had to go and buy a 16mm spanner for that. I'll replace the hydraulic fluid with new and bleed the system shortly. Next up is to install the HDS 9 Live from Apache and remove the old HDS 8 Gen 1 from the helm, then figure out how to cover or make use of the hole that it will leave Then replace the desk wash pump. Here's the old one. The new one is sitting on my desk waiting to be installed. Two new flush-fit rod holders are on their way from Italy which will be installed in the corners of the splashwell top surface, and two new batteries are already on the boat waiting to be installed. Also need to re-wire and re-secure the forward bilge pump as I found it rolling around free in the bottom of the hull. Then replace the ground tackle with a longer length of chain and more rode. The current set-up has 6mm chain barely half the length of the hull, and only 70m-ish of rode. Then after all that is done, I can go fishing...
  14. Andy135

    Oh bugger

    Bit of chewing gum and some duct tape and it'll be fine Neil... 😥🤞
  15. Does anyone know if these are generally interchangeable between manufacturers? Do they all have the same thread and diameter? I want to change the one that came on the boat, but it's just a plain white filter with no branding or specs to replace like for like.