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  1. Ohgreatone

    POM winner December 2020

    Great picture
  2. Ohgreatone

    Don't try this at home

    Saying the same thing: When I look into your eyes time stands still Your face would stop a clock
  3. Ohgreatone

    Continental Beachcasters

    You don't need distance fishing chesil, 20 metres and your in deep water. I use a cheap 14 ft beachcaster which can get out 100 metres if I need it. I always fish two rods, one short (30-40metres) and one long, invariably it's the short one that gets the better fish. Certainly the bass stay closer in particularly with rougher sea, they feed on the. Churn behind the breaking waves. I also use a spinning rod with less weight when feathering that gets me out far enough, invariably they're chased into the shore anyway. If you're looking for distance then go for the longest rod you can cope with, It's plain old physics, the continental 15 footers would do what you want. It's easy to get analytical, but when you buy a dishwasher with multiple functions and programmes you end up using just one programme and buying another set of crockery and cutlery.
  4. Ohgreatone

    Fishing wars?

    No deal = no quota presumably 100% uk
  5. Ohgreatone

    fishing tuition please

    Great feedback, shows the knowledge of this club, and it's helpfulness. So glad to be a member
  6. Ohgreatone


    and he carries on playing the fish
  7. Ohgreatone

    Covid Bohemian Rhapsody

  8. Ohgreatone

    Out tomorrow in the bay with Geoff Lambert

    Dancing in the car park is ok as long as there are no more than 6
  9. Ohgreatone

    Flounder rig?

    I use mine for catching bait
  10. Ohgreatone

    Refurb and running repairs on JY177

    throw in a double salco and we'll be really impressed
  11. Ohgreatone

    Sole searching

    us amateurs get used to it
  12. Ohgreatone

    Boat wanted

    What's the issue with baiter (never seen it done there), just looks a bit shallow and I guess can get busy on a hot day with jet skis.
  13. Ohgreatone

    Boat wanted

    Is it the same for all marinas
  14. Ohgreatone

    Boat wanted

    It's definitely a seller's market, the brokers I'm talking say that they're turning them round in a week or less, an a year ago we're accepting offers up to 15% under, but now everything is going at asking price. So if you've got a boat to sell, now is the time. I'm looking at France and Spain, prices are definitely cheaper, and more available and bigger choice. Downside is getting the blighter to blighty.
  15. Ohgreatone

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    Seems like it really suits you, what type of boat is it?