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  1. Don't most boats have one on board for the feisties
  2. Mused on this for a while, thinking about car bhp's and the like, wondering if Elon Musk or anyone will decide to go in for electric outboards, not little putputs but something with oomph. If we're going carbon free something is going to have to happen.
  3. Happy Birthday Jerry I've been smoke free for nearly 3 years now ever since my HA, and I was already oversized!!! but I occasionally fancy a cigar, as Mr Kipling said, "A good cigar is a smoke"
  4. If there's only room for one you should take Stuie
  5. Yep still interested, if it's possible, fingers crossed again.
  6. It's called self preservation
  7. That is statistically the most accurate prediction you can make 🤪
  8. Let's hope the weather is good. I appreciate your kind offer, and hopefully look forward to meeting both you and Martin.
  9. That's great news, and yes I can make either day.
  10. I've got a Shimano lever drag which I really like for wrecking, and an Abu Ambassador which I used to use for beach casting, yet to use it in a boat, but a fabulous reel. My original question was about lure reels, and have been tempted with a baitcaster, but am really looking for a fixed spool, for bass which should I go for.
  11. Thanks guys Venison stew, The Guv'nor wine from majestic and chocolate cake washed down with Hobgoblin gold, so beer and cake sorted. Death Trap II you are spot on about buying boats, they're flying off the shelf at inflated prices, hence I was looking at Spain. I missed a nice Arvor AS in Weymouth by 2 hours about 3 weeks ago, gutted. I've got an itch to scratch and it's going to happen
  12. Thanks, much appreciated.
  13. Very interesting, as they say, they don't make em like they used to. As with so many things, with the price of reels today they are almost disposable. It's difficult to make comparisons with so many fixed spool reels to choose from, I guess just go with established brand names, but even then they do various grades of quality, so very confusing. As a reel expert, what would you suggest, for lure fishing.
  14. Thank, sorry to hear you've sold your boat, but I'm so impressed by the generosity of club members to keep you fishing, on another note, the boat I was trying to buy in Spain has fallen through so I'm back in the hunt. Can't think of a better way to enjoy the day.
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