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  1. Ohgreatone

    Boat wanted

    What's the issue with baiter (never seen it done there), just looks a bit shallow and I guess can get busy on a hot day with jet skis.
  2. Ohgreatone

    Boat wanted

    Is it the same for all marinas
  3. Ohgreatone

    Boat wanted

    It's definitely a seller's market, the brokers I'm talking say that they're turning them round in a week or less, an a year ago we're accepting offers up to 15% under, but now everything is going at asking price. So if you've got a boat to sell, now is the time. I'm looking at France and Spain, prices are definitely cheaper, and more available and bigger choice. Downside is getting the blighter to blighty.
  4. Ohgreatone

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    Seems like it really suits you, what type of boat is it?
  5. Ohgreatone

    Walk round, cuddy or pilothouse

    I'm back to fundamentals now that er indoors has had her two cents, and wants more comfort. I've upped the budget and seen a nice bayliner trophy 1902 with a canopy. I'm a fine weather person so pilothouse is not essential what are the practical benefits and disbenefits
  6. Ohgreatone

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Thanks for all that, nearly went up to Scotland to look at a boat but pulled away because I think I would have felt obligated. It's so easy to be tempted.
  7. Ohgreatone

    5 hours difference

    Can you be breathalised in a kayak?
  8. Ohgreatone

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    Reminds me of Turner And Hooch 😂
  9. Ohgreatone

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    How about this https://www.findafishingboat.com/fast-fisher/ad-111052 and it's a walk around
  10. Ohgreatone

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    I don't have a boat yet but have been studying in depth for some time now An Arvor 810 fits your spec, you can sunbathe on the roof, and it's shaft drive, Less to go wrong and more fishing space and a live bait well If I had the dosh it would my first choice
  11. Ohgreatone

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Oops I don't find Amazon cheapest anymore these days, you could try Banggood, they have a hub in Germany.
  12. Ohgreatone

    WiFi expert wanted.

  13. Ohgreatone

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Thanks for that, how soon is soon, I'm straining at the leash now🛥️🛥️🛥️, PM me pls Adrian
  14. Ohgreatone

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Update The broker contacted me last week, they had put the boat in the water to prep it for the sea trial, and found that it had a lateral crack that was letting in water, and the engine oil was emulsified. They gave me the option of letting them fix it, or refund my deposit. Engines can be fixed but a lateral crack is a bit scary so I'm taking the refund. 😢😢😢 So it's back to the drawing board. After reading the fishy tales with dodgy weather and slipways I'm having a rethink about launch and retrieve (at my tender age) so are there any members on a swing mooring. What are the disadvantages and benefits, I'm guessing security for one. Thanks in advance Adrian
  15. Ohgreatone

    Fishy Tales

    Which slip was that?