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  1. Ohgreatone

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    Reminds me of Turner And Hooch 😂
  2. Ohgreatone

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    How about this https://www.findafishingboat.com/fast-fisher/ad-111052 and it's a walk around
  3. Ohgreatone

    Upgrading from Warrior 165

    I don't have a boat yet but have been studying in depth for some time now An Arvor 810 fits your spec, you can sunbathe on the roof, and it's shaft drive, Less to go wrong and more fishing space and a live bait well If I had the dosh it would my first choice
  4. Ohgreatone

    WiFi expert wanted.

    Oops I don't find Amazon cheapest anymore these days, you could try Banggood, they have a hub in Germany.
  5. Ohgreatone

    WiFi expert wanted.

  6. Ohgreatone

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Thanks for that, how soon is soon, I'm straining at the leash now🛥️🛥️🛥️, PM me pls Adrian
  7. Ohgreatone

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Update The broker contacted me last week, they had put the boat in the water to prep it for the sea trial, and found that it had a lateral crack that was letting in water, and the engine oil was emulsified. They gave me the option of letting them fix it, or refund my deposit. Engines can be fixed but a lateral crack is a bit scary so I'm taking the refund. 😢😢😢 So it's back to the drawing board. After reading the fishy tales with dodgy weather and slipways I'm having a rethink about launch and retrieve (at my tender age) so are there any members on a swing mooring. What are the disadvantages and benefits, I'm guessing security for one. Thanks in advance Adrian
  8. Ohgreatone

    Fishy Tales

    Which slip was that?
  9. Ohgreatone

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    Just add, an absolute pig to get rid of, his fuel tank is glued in place, and cleaning it has been very difficult, it's still not right.
  10. Ohgreatone

    Diesel Bug - long time on shore

    I'm no expert but I think it takes a lot longer than 3 months for champignons. Helped a friend sail a yacht from La Rochelle to Poole last year. It had not been used for over 2 years and it had the problem. I think you can get additives or something similar to inhibit. As I said I'm no expert, just my two penneth.
  11. Ohgreatone

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    It's called retirement 😎
  12. Ohgreatone

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    Seems like a lot of you need a work break
  13. Ohgreatone


    Hi Gaz and welcome I joined in January, still haven't got a boat yet, but have put a deposit on one pending a sea trial. The guys in the club are very friendly and helpful, and some even know a little bit about boats and fishing, so don't hold back on the questions I've still got loads to ask.
  14. Ohgreatone

    Dorset fishing industry article

    I'm very uncomfortable with people losing their livelihoods, however it's economic Darwinism, natural selection, survival of the fittest etc. If you are unfortunate to have a business badly effected by the lockdown it's really tough, conversely if you make face masks you're very lucky. The important thing is all pull together. Stay safe
  15. Ohgreatone

    My first ever boat purchase.

    Hi Gaffa it does come with an anchor, but you're right there's no roller or anything so will need to investigate, along with lots of other issues. On top of 3verything else there are chartd, power boat courses etc so it seems to be true that boat stands for "break out another thousand"