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  1. Ohgreatone


    Or a windscreen washer motor.
  2. You think they might change their minds? Happy Birthday Tony
  3. Ohgreatone

    New Joiner

    😀😀😀 Must have been an expat then
  4. Ohgreatone

    Who's the boss

    Yes I agree with all of that except it was Edward driving, Wallis kept in the background whereas it's Meghan driving in this instance with Harry being the support. It's a bit rich when making a big fuss about privacy etc, then signing a multi million deal with Netflix, Spotify et al and then a 2 hour interview with Oprah about their private lives.
  5. Ohgreatone

    Who's the boss

    At least Wallace Simpson stayed in the background and declined publicity. This one is the exact opposite, and will always want more, in her world it's all about Meghan. I didn't watch either.
  6. Excellent advice, many thanks. Does the VAT apply to second hand boats, and if so what is the rate? That will probably blow it out of the water if it's too high
  7. I've seen a boat in Spain that I am keen to buy, planning to view it as soon as covid allows and no hotel quarantining on return. Does any one have experience of buying abroad It is from a bona fide marine broker. It doesn't come with a trailer so I'd have purchase one, and that would be a whole new ball game as well. The romantic in me says have a 6 month holiday and "sail" it back but it would be rather expensive and end up being a bit samey. And then I have to think about mooring etc. I live midway between Poole and Weymouth so all options are open, ie pontoon, swing, d
  8. Never met the guy but huge respect from club members, so he was obviously a good'un. Sad to hear he's gone. RIP
  9. Yes the palomar knot, Great White is spot on, probably the simplest knot to tie and also one of the strongest, the double palomar is about 15% stronger but slightly bulkier.
  10. Saying the same thing: When I look into your eyes time stands still Your face would stop a clock
  11. You don't need distance fishing chesil, 20 metres and your in deep water. I use a cheap 14 ft beachcaster which can get out 100 metres if I need it. I always fish two rods, one short (30-40metres) and one long, invariably it's the short one that gets the better fish. Certainly the bass stay closer in particularly with rougher sea, they feed on the. Churn behind the breaking waves. I also use a spinning rod with less weight when feathering that gets me out far enough, invariably they're chased into the shore anyway. If you're looking for distance then go for the longest rod you c
  12. No deal = no quota presumably 100% uk
  13. Great feedback, shows the knowledge of this club, and it's helpfulness. So glad to be a member
  14. Ohgreatone


    and he carries on playing the fish
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