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  1. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Thanks guys, this is exactly the sort of advice I'm looking for. A good friend has a Merry Fisher, but he spends 6 months a year in Oz and only takes it out occasionally. He told me that when you get a boat you love it twice!
  2. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Where were you launching from, I was thinking of Baiter, is tide an issue there?
  3. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Thanks Cody, sound advice. I'm looking to launch, and my first question is....... Does size matter😁 Of course smaller boats are easier to manage, and low profiles easier on windy days, but what should I go for. I have family and grandchildren but too many for one trip. I've just seen a Bayliner trophy walkaround 20 ft I like, is that too big, should I go for something smaller
  4. Ohgreatone

    I'll trade in my boat for a laboratory - not

    Might even be a source for cheap bait
  5. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Bring it on
  6. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    We have............ I've been to the last two!! Is the beer that strong 🍺
  7. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Thanks for all the welcomes looking forward to get to know you all
  8. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Hi Colin, thanks for the welcome, budget about £10000 I've looked at warriors seahogs, raiders, etc open to anything really. Preference would be a small Arvor AS, or an Ocqueteau as they have shaft drive versions, but as per usual probably just out of my price range. Isn't that always the case Adrian
  9. Ohgreatone

    New Member Adrian

    Hi Guys I joined in January and have been lurking around for a while now. Retired down to Dorset and have been doing alterations etc to our bungalow in Wool, most of which should be completed by August. The plan is to buy a boat and go fishing........ so much to learn..... I'm not a total noob (but almost), been out on numerous charters from Poole and Weymouth and over the years done some shore fishing whenever I got the chance. So I'm after advice....lots of it. I'm looking for something launchable not too small but not too big and unmanageable, preferably with a pilot or wheelhouse, probably 17 to 20ft. Be prepared for lots of questions😁