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  1. Hello there. We've just moved down from deepest Derbyshire, and one of the things I really want to do is go out and catch me some mackerel, bream, bass etc.. for the table. I have never fished before at all, save for a mackerel boat trip from Mudeford last year. I've kayaked a couple of times but have yet to get one of my own. I've looked into a taster session with one of the many local outfits that offer such activities, but being a bloke of a certain age am also tempted to dive in (no pun intended) and get myself a kayak and a rod and have a bash. But I also don't read instruction manuals on anything and that's landed me in trouble at times. So, anyone here fancy giving a complete and utter novice some advice? I have no interest in sportfishing at all, just catching dinner. Thanks in advance!