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  1. Thank you for your recommendations. Looks like I'm going to need to spend a bit more money!
  2. Im looking for a new boat rod and reel to target a wide range of fish species, from bream to cod, if thats possible. I prefer light tackle for sure, and a fixed spool reel. Any recommendations are welcome, as you guys have far more experience than me. Ive got a budget of around 100 quid but that is flexible.
  3. etian

    Not sure whats wrong

    Oil was recently filled and the low oil warning light has not come on. I will call up a specialist for his one, dont want to mess it up myself.
  4. etian

    Not sure whats wrong

    On the way home yesterday when the engine suddenly reduced its revs without me touching the throttle. It then accelerated back up ad the revs climbed back to whee they were. A few minutes later the same thing happened, but this time the revs did not come back up so I pt it back in neutral and pushed the throttle again and everything went back to usual. Another few minutes later the engine dropped revs again, so i tried giving more throttle but the revs would not rise. The engine seemed to be stuck at a certain speed. We limped home with the engine dropping revs and then accelerating again, like it had a mind of its own. To clarify, it is an evinrude e-tec 115 from 2009 The throttle has always been very stiff
  5. etian

    Aux flush

    Sorry for tagging onto the thread but just how important is it to flush outboard engines after every run. There have been several instances this year where i havent been able to get a flush after the trip.
  6. etian

    Photo of the month May.

    Knock knock Who's there? Cuck Cuckoo wrasse
  7. etian

    Light setup recommendations

    Thank you for the advice, I cant wait to get out and give it a go in the summer
  8. etian

    Light setup recommendations

    Im looking for a good lighter spinning reel and rod for lure fishing in the summer that is still short enough to use on the boat. Ive looked at the GX2 medium spinning rod but have no idea on what reel I should pair with it. Id say my budget for the reel would be around about 40-80 quid. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Any information on lure fishing fro bass would also be very helpful, as currently I can only learn from youtube videos.
  9. etian

    Alderney method

    Thanks for the offers, the video is very helpful.
  10. etian

    Alderney method

    Our boat lacks a windlass, and pulling up the anchor can prove to be extremely difficult in some cases. In what situation is it safe and appropriate to use the alderney method? I have tried it a few times with varying levels of success, and wouldn't mind some tips.
  11. etian

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Sorry to revive this thread but I am looking for another rod and reel combo for around £100. However Im looking for something to do some bass fishing with next summer in and around poole harbour. I really want to get into lure fishing so any tips on that would be greatly appreciated. I am happy to spend a bit more if you guys think its worth it. Many thanks once again
  12. etian

    Bass Competition

    Great Catch! Where did you get it?
  13. etian

    Braid or Mono?

    Which one do you guys use and what are some brands you guys would recommend for main line? I mainly fish inshore in water no deeper that 30m. I need some line that is suitable for all types of fishing. I previously used "Hercules Braided Fishing Line Black Spectra" with 30lb breaking strain. P.s What breaking strain is needed for a running ledger rig? any particular recommendations for these as well? Many thanks as always!
  14. etian

    Galeon Galia 640?

    Thats the one!
  15. etian

    Galeon Galia 640?

    I am about to purchase this boat, it has a evinrude 115 from 2009. The boat is from 2001. Does anyone know anything about this boat that could be useful?