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  1. brand new and un-used, bought the wrong size. Only opened the packet to measure it. £50 and will post. advertised on ebay for more as well so will go to first offer, but happy to sell it cheaper on here.
  2. wow, he looks like he has taken a bit of a beating. looks like it has been in a net it a line
  3. lampreys! cant they let the other fish in and keep lampreys out!
  4. yes, my experience is that a "rational price" is zero, because the amount the purchaser will have to spend on replacing everything means you may as well spend a few more quid and get a brand new trailer! But thankfully nothing about boating is rational. But cast your net wide and wait for someone who needs it to come along. If you can sit on it for a while, list it on ebay, but not as an auction, and what for the right buyer to come along for about £750. But you can mitigate this by checking all the components and list their state of repair on the sale listing. An examp
  5. I spoke to Mark at stingray boats in Cobbs yesterday, I bought my current boat from him last year. I had a quick look on his website at his current stock, nothing listed. I was a bit concerned he was having health issues, and not working. But no, he cant keep the boats in stock long enough to get them listed on the web. He said as they are coming in, they sell overnight. Told me he could sell my boat again to return me a profit, even after fees. But advised me not to sell it if i was looking to upgrade as i wouldn't be able to find a replacement. Difficult t
  6. and obviously the same goes without saying that even though we have never actually met, you are welcome on death trap II, but you might want to wait till we eventually upsize size to something more comfortable! Communities like these where people look after each other are so important and the people who keep them going are the best people in the world. That deserves our recognition.
  7. always sad to hear of people parting with their boat!
  8. definately, but i dont want to be on a swing mooring. I really loath the distance to get out from rockly to the bay, but you do get a lot of flexibility from them. If i want to swap to go on the racks to take my trailer for a service, all i have to do is ask and they do it. If i need to drive in and park up the car next to my boat so i dont have to carry everything, there is plenty of room to do it. and they dont charge extra to keep your trailer there. and if the kids dont want to come out on the boat, they can play on the beach a
  9. yes, you are supposed to pay for launching, but they never charge me! Plus you get free parking. Davies is a similar price, but they are really tight and no parking. Cobbs is twice that amount
  10. I am in rockly. £1500 per year one trailer. Apparently Davies boatyard is about the same. But they are always full. Didn't know about North haven.
  11. maybe, but i would be worried about the force going through it when breaking. whatever happens, i think i need to swap out for rollers or wider snubbers. I will see if i can raise it next time I am there
  12. thanks Tiddler, i think that may have to be the answer if i cant raise the winch post, or if anyone thinks it is a bad idea.
  13. sorry yes, old setup was the black rollers. but i replaced them last weekend after they didnt prevent the metal bar between them rubbing on the hull in transit. having the boat 100 miles away makes it hard to plan these things! have to work from photos and memory. My 'common sense' approach would be to raise the whole winch post slightly so both of the snubbers are touching the hull on points where it has the same angle. but i wanted to make sure i wasnt doing something incredibly stupid. I have searched the internet, but havent been able to find any guida
  14. what i found that metal bar that links the two rollers together can rub on the hull because of the change of angle in the hull at the front chine. I am thinking that i should try to raise the whole mechanism a bit higher? whereas your hull doesnt seem to have the drastic change in angle that mine does
  15. A couple of pics. Thanks guys
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