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  1. Bassdaze

    Evening trips ?

    Have new spotlight. Willing to travel!
  2. Bassdaze

    New Police Boat

    Not policing fishery is it?
  3. Bassdaze


    I hate going out when it's borderline. I'm always distracted all day worrying about the bar coming home. Not a relaxed day.
  4. Bassdaze

    Hard mono for shark trace.

    The rovex 200 is about a fiver in pokesdown.
  5. Bassdaze


    Ok. I'll give it a few runs on a high tide.!
  6. Bassdaze


    I was down to 1.5 ft coming in on Sunday when the tide was at 0.7. That was on a course of SE from the last yellow. It was scary. Luckily with the ne wind and no swell it went OK but was still not great. I'll have a look at the course you mention. Do you mean do a left just before the last yellow?
  7. Bassdaze

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    We should be more honest and just start having conga comps........
  8. Bassdaze

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp.30th. Dec.

    Anyone actually catch any cod.?
  9. Bassdaze

    Christmas Day weather

    I may fake getting arrested on Xmas eve......
  10. Bassdaze

    Not going out !

    Good tip. It's not great now you have to go so far with your side into the waves. I get adrenaline every time with the run!
  11. Bassdaze

    Not going out !

    I got to the run today and there were people surfing lol. Despite my need to fish we decided to just do a perch day in the stour....
  12. Bassdaze

    Another Tuesday looking good.

    I'm out tomorrow. Work Tuesday. Looked flat today so we are going to risk it! I just hope the run is behaving over this end
  13. Bassdaze

    Christchurch Entrance

    I feel that unless there is a decent flood coming out of the stour and harbour in general that these storms will change the bar for the worst. Be interesting to see what effect they both have. Last time I was out the echo wave coming off the Mudford Quay made for nervous times and my head was on a swivel!
  14. Bassdaze

    Cod Competition - take 2

    Looks blown out.!
  15. Bassdaze

    Christchurch Entrance

    They get 800 minimum for a mooring and there must be hundreds. If they dredge it then we can fing sell it back to bournemout council to go BACK on the beaches.