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  1. Alun thanks seems different from last time but plenty good enough, any Flounders showing in the harbour?
  2. Hi All i seem to have lost or cant find the tide table and graph for Poole (easytide)?? did i read the format has changed if so could anyone recommend a similar one? thanks
  3. Hi Terry we are thinking along the same lines as you the winch supplied on our Orkney DA 24 doesnt look man enough ?? we think to fit on the starboard side adjacent to the end of the cabin will save going up to the pulpit area can you let me know how you get on Many thanks Malc
  4. Hi I my experience soon as you use any type of fish bait ie mackerel,pout,blueys you seem to encourage congers some smaller than the common eels?????? cuttle baits ditto we are catching small codling up to 6lbs mainly uptiding with squid with added black lug,another point we are using 1 lb uptide leads,all fish coming from an area West Lepe to Solent Bank buoys try to find depth of 45ft - 60ft good luck stay safe Malc
  5. Hi Just seen this thread we replaced our turbo on a Orkney DA 24 well under £1 k easy job yours could be repaired they offered us a stainless insert which would last fore ever ??? try Universal Turbos Fordingbridge good luck
  6. Hi All i agree with Terry i did a fair bit of Poole harbour fishing from a Zodiac and a Quicksilver inflatable powered by a 8 hp Yamaha but not so sure about those????? be safe
  7. Hi Again went to Boatshop 24 they have 14 Orkneys couldnt see a 21 day angler thanks keep looking lads
  8. Hi Wedger just been down to Lymo i am a member of Lymington sea fishing club so will put the word about.Thanks
  9. Hi Brian many thanks they seem rare?? on top of that we would prefer a white one.Was hoping someone will have known where one was once again thanks for your reply We are moored in Lymington maybe have a better look around.
  10. Hi Colin i am in a small syndicate 1 member is pulling out only 2 members use the 24 we have never used the toilet and have never used the berths to sleep in we have the use of a trailer for a 21ft boat so really a 24 ft boat is too big as they say big boat big bucks thanks for your reply
  11. Hi Mark i have looked 2 on there but in Scotland???? we are trying to sale our Orkney 24 first so just would like to have a look over thanks for your reply
  12. Hi has anyone know or own a Orkney 21 day angler i could view to get an idea what they are like thanks
  13. Hi Lofty can you tell me of any free launch sites around the perimeter of Poole harbour? Thanks in anticipation
  14. Hi Stuie Thanks for the prompt reply that confirms my thoughts on the Flounders at the moment i have been down 6 times and not seen a fish??
  15. Hi How did the Flounder comp go on the 12/01/20?
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