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  1. Raymond Ellerton


    Anyone selling a 15 ish HP outboard.age not so important but must be running with no issues
  2. Raymond Ellerton

    Volvo Penta 431

    I am having the Carb cleaned and rebuilt so hope if its the choke the engineer will sort it
  3. Raymond Ellerton

    Fuel Set

    Does anyone use Fuel set in the boat petrol system what are the advantages or disadvantages
  4. Raymond Ellerton

    Volvo Penta 431

    The engine will not start unless i use easy start spray. anyone have any Ideas why?
  5. Raymond Ellerton

    Wind Turbines 12v battery charging

    Hi Charlie Yes will need the fridge and heaters also TV Lights and stuff. so thinking of a silent suitcase size Genny. The boat next to me in Cobbs has a turbine it's a bit different to any i have seen before and it is silent but i don't know what the output is waiting to catch up with the owner and get some info Regards
  6. Raymond Ellerton

    Wind Turbines 12v battery charging

    Hi Tarlach I have a spare battery .on trickle also a leisure and main drive all on trickle charge . Its just I don't know how long leisure will last if we stay onboard overnight for 3 days.?
  7. Raymond Ellerton

    Hydrolic steering

    Hi, Gary Was soaked wet so did not read the workshop manual will tackle the problem tomorrow.will see you down there some time . Tight Lines LOL
  8. Raymond Ellerton

    Hydrolic steering

    I have a Fairline 21 sprint. The aux belt snapped so today we fixed it. I am at Cobbs was on a temp moring .so when we got her fired up. I decided to move her to permanent Mooring As it happened was direct across the pontoon from the temp. So I reversed out to straighten up and went forward as I got 50 yards I could not control the steering was really hard to keep her straight Was really hard not to crash having to turn the steering 100 % right and then 100 % left Was very loose. All the youtube vides on bleeding the hydraulics show a fill point on the steering but this is not there. Does anyone knows how I sort this Regards
  9. Raymond Ellerton

    Wind Turbines 12v battery charging

    I have decided to stick to Solar panels
  10. Raymond Ellerton

    Wind Turbines 12v battery charging

    Hi, Mike Thank you for your input. I have been looking at this system. And have seen a video of it running it was noise ( I did not consider this ) The attraction is it will charge all night. It's $180 But $20 Delivery . And will arrive 10.08.20 to 25.08.20 was looking for something next week LOL Travel Wind Turbine Kits 12 volt battery charging for electronics Regards Ray
  11. Raymond Ellerton

    Wind Turbines 12v battery charging

    Gents Good to be back. I am looking for some advice I want a portable wind turbine charger for my Lesurer battery. Anyone got any Info for me Regards Ray Ellerton
  12. Raymond Ellerton


    I have a Fairline sprint 23 feet The anchor chain and rope sit,s in a chamber feed from the roller but need,s to haul it in by hand .I want 12v electric Windlass with Remote . Can anyone help Ray 07468696819
  13. Raymond Ellerton

    Aux Outboard Long shaft

    Needs to come with fuel tank and fuel pipes
  14. Raymond Ellerton

    Hardy 24 Ft Cabbin Boat

    Hi anyone know where i can hire or borrow a trailer for 24 foot boat
  15. Raymond Ellerton

    Hardy 24 Ft Cabbin Boat

    Thanks Guys i have already canceled the trip will wait for better mets Was looking at Tuesday leaving Torquay very early to try and pass Portland before the tide turns.The other Plan is to Borrow a Trailer .And haul it back .Has anyone got A big en ugh trailer i could borrow For a day???