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  1. Thanks Graham. I did get you last offer but had dislocated my Arm and was not able bodied LOL
  2. Hi Graham not sorted yet .Need to paint the bottom
  3. Hi Guys . can anyone help i need 2 x 25m holes drilling 75m in to hardwood 50 x 100 must be squared To take aa solid steel pole so maybe need a bench drill
  4. Hi Colin. I need to pull the boat out the water to de foliate. I have just bought a run down Teal engine is fine boat is water tight but scruffy so loads of work to do. Keep me busy at weekends ? there is so much to do .this week i will fit new temporary cover and a new bilge pump. Start the interior cleaning .Its on a swing mooring by the RNLI in Poole. . Regards
  5. Can anyone borrow me a trailer for a 20ft Teal 2 days or has anyone got one or know of one for sale? Regards
  6. I would love to come on my new boat . its all about timing as i have the engines out getting reconditioned its a race to get the work finished and then do some sea trials and get the safety equipment up to scratch.
  7. Hi Guys. I need some boat stands for a few days While i anti foul my 25 feet twin engine cruiser Has anyone got some i need about 6 or 8 Regards
  8. Hi Guys has anyone got Lees Number i have lost it. Regards
  9. Looking for Anchor chain.
  10. Hi Guys can anyone tell me what size anchor and Chain/rope i need for a 25 ft twin screw 3ton boat. Regards
  11. Hi Terry Will it hook up to a tablet or laptop? as 7in screen to small for my bad eyes LOL and how much you looking for? Regards
  12. Cool thanks where is it and any idea how much?
  13. Hi Don't Know what a walker boy 8 is LOL
  14. wanted Leisure Battery and engine battery. Plotter depth Fish finder TENDER
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