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  1. Tom called me back today it was a surprise , and said they would have a boat in the water within the week to check the AIR DRAFT out .
  2. Monday 25th February to Monday 11th March 2019
  3. I spoke to PHC this morning they said it's not there problem,and that I should speak to the council. After speaking to 2 people in council they told me they would find the person who deals with this, and phone me back. Still waiting looks like I will be phoning back. Could try and put something in Bournemouth Echo.
  4. Spoke to the secretary at Cobbs Quay's Marina today. Hope the Manager can press the right buttons, to get the council to fix AIR DRAFT lights out.
  5. DPD

    Oil rig in the bay

    There should be a safety boat out there keeping a 500m safety zone.
  6. DPD

    Twin Sails

    The initial scheme for harbour included the extension of the A31-the existing Dorset way , as it is known- across open country at Canford heath to Wimborne bypass. It would effectively become the Poole bridge link. This was all going on into 1997 when Labour got in. The new Parliamentary Under - Secretary of State for Environment ,Transport and the Regions (Ms Glenda Jackson) Ex film Star. The rest is History.
  7. DPD

    Best Rod and Reel Combo under £100?

    Hello, Try these 3 mail order sites look at Penn boat combos or mix and match. Veals mail order Garry Evans Tackle Centres Weymouth Angling Centre Dave
  8. DPD

    Anchor and chain

    If using a windlass, when ordering chain &rope the gypsy guide must be used.
  9. DPD

    Hand warmers

    Try neoprene diving gloves and cut the finger tips off.    Try neoprene diving gloves and  cut the fingers tips off
  10. DPD


    If you are talking about the Lowrance Elite ti as far as I know it does not have Radar capability built in. Only the HDS models have? You can check on their website or phone 01794510010
  11. My son and I had great day out a few fish, and win at football what more could one ask for.
  12. DPD

    Boat Buddy

    Hi all. Looking for someone to come out on my boat (Merry Fisher 755 Marlin) to do some fishing. Based at Cobbs Quay. Bacon butty and coffee supplied. Can go any time of any day. If interested please contact me on 07808 284558 Dave.