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  1. Hooky, lguess your scales may still have somebody second hand value.
  2. Yep , I do cows. If yo want to get Milking a cow off your bucket list, I’m your man.πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„!
  3. Already got one! Don’t need any milk either thanks.
  4. Well done, that’s just my kind of adventure. I tried for plaice off the Lincolnshire coast a couple of years back. Took the daughters Airedale terrier,who got bored and wandered off up the beach. In the end I finished up blanking but the dog came back with a Plaice. Suggest you get an Airedale! Gummage
  5. Gummage

    New member

    Hi Mark, we are practically neighbours! I tow a Dory down fromMarlborough and generally launch at Baiter. Joining the club was the best thing I did. Folks have certainly been sociable and generous with their time, advice etc hope to catch up you and Skipper anon Gummage
  6. Great to see you made it down there Jerry! Did they let you come back?
  7. Congratulations Hooky. I figure it must be your turn to tow me home now.πŸ˜‰
  8. The outboard Jerry?.....I was using it for bait.
  9. went voodoo fishing yesterday.........oops I forgot my life jacket!
  10. I've been looking forward to that report and, boy, what a report it is. Glad you all had a thrilling trip and thanks for sharing it with us!
  11. It took until last Wednesday before Endeavour3 made it back to the water and we gave it all a good run. Hydraulics all worked fine! We had some starting problems as the electric choke wasn't functioning. (Why did they put the manual choke under all the cladding on these? Are all outboards like that?) Anyway it's another little thing to investigate and hopefully not such a big challenge. Obviously this is a fairly minority interest thread, but I'd like to thank everyone who showed an interest and helped especially Gonorm and the people that run this site and club......it really is a powerful information exchange. and the fishing.........we and all the undersized specimens in the bay practiced hard for next year and had fun doing it.
  12. looksasgood as new. so good ive uploaded it twice! 20190613_094049.mp4 20190613_094049.mp4
  13. .......no I won't. Enginerr/Welder Graham checked it over with me. neither the ebay photo nor gonorns service manual show this second hole. Its a bit rough roundthe edges because it is a sea corrosion hole. luckily Graham is a qualified aluminium welder. If i could get the unit off and back to his shop he could weld the hole up. Gonorm, your workshop manual was invaluable in its description of how to strip the unit off first undo the large crossbar nuts...despite its age they swung undone easily!undo the three bolts on the side of the unit.... they yielded except the last one which sheared undr the head ....knock the sides apart.......reluctantly they wiggled over and after stripping the wiring...out it came. over the Graham's and.. and he worked his magic. now.... hoping the welding hasnt wreaked havoc with seals etc and i can remember how to pput it back together....the weekend project.
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