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  1. billy2shots

    Rods and Reel sale

    Hi Greg, still all available. I'll txt you in the morning.
  2. billy2shots

    Rods and Reel sale

  3. billy2shots

    Rods and Reel sale

  4. billy2shots

    Rods and Reel sale

    Hi guys and gals. Working in healthcare and dealing with covid has led us down the path of selling the boat and moving away from sea fishing. The result for you lucky people is some well looked after lightly used gear. 2 X Shakespeare Ugly sticks GX2 12-20 boat rods (7'9). Used approximately 15-20 times each. £55 for the pair. 2 X Shakespeare Ugly sticks GX2 20-30 boat rods (7'6). Used 3-5 times (don't judge me) £55 for the pair. 1 X Shimano Charter Special TR 1000 lever drag multiplayer reel. £55 If sold together I will take £160 for the lot. I'm located in Longham, Ferndown Everything was always rinsed down (never soaked) after every use. 3/4 rods still have some original packaging on lol. I will see if my IT skills are good enough to post some pics.
  5. billy2shots

    South of Pevril, East of Durlston

    Ok guys. Thanks for the warning. I will stay inshore tomorrow.
  6. billy2shots

    South of Pevril, East of Durlston

    Thanks for the heads up. Was planning on getting there at high tide which will give a few hours of fishing in slackish tide 12.45-16.30 before it start to really go out again. Will it still be a challenge during that period of the day <0.5m tide swing.
  7. billy2shots

    South of Pevril, East of Durlston

    With conditions looking very good for tomorrow I was thinking of heading a bit further out than I normally do. I’ve ha my eye on what looks to be a deep hole of 30m (25m all around). This is showing on Navionics as you draw a line east of Durlston head and South of Pevril half way along the ledge. I was thinking this gulley could hold Tope and conger. Has anyone got experience/pointers for this particular area. Failing that, I will go with the tide to Dolphin Sands.
  8. billy2shots

    Poole Quay Folk Festival

    Thanks Greg. I’ve also seen that Poole Quay boat haven have visitors spaces for £7.50 for up to 4 hours. It’s probably a bit more sheltered in there so will give them a call to see if there’s spaces available. Failing that, a couple of flybys of the Quay and a tour around the islands will be in order. Anywhere on the water given the expected temperature!
  9. billy2shots

    Poole Quay Folk Festival

    Was planning on going to the Quay on Saturday for a few beers with some friends for the folk festival. As usual, trying to keep everyone happy Is is a waste of time. Particularly because of where people are starting from and where they want to go after. My boat is at Parkstone Bay which could be the ideal compromise. I was thinking about a potter around the harbour and a couple of slow passes of the Quay. Is there anywhere along there to stop or is it permit/berth holders only?
  10. billy2shots

    Servicing time, (recommendations)

    My MF805 will be coming out of the water for a couple of weeks for its annual TLC. She's in Parkstone Bay Marina and we have used saltwater solutions who are based there for the last couple of years with no complaints. Yellow Penguin are also there and I am open to shopping around when it comes to spending a few £ The boat needs -service on a nanni engine and new anodes -antifowl removal and redone -hull polish and superstructure (I'm being lazy here) i was going to replace my fishfinder and transducer for an Axiom but I will hold off a year as I'm hoping to move house. Over to you members for your recommendations.
  11. billy2shots

    A proper fishy day

    I haven't fished freshwater for the best part of 3 years. Nothing too weird about that but I live 10 houses away from a river and grew up fishing rivers and lakes 2 or 3 times a week from the age of 11 until mid to late 20s. My kids are on half term and I promised them that we would fish the river Stour during this week. We popped down to the marina to get some things off of my boat at 11am Wednesday but the chance of a swift getaway was denied by the mrs who had other ideas. She had packed lunch for the kids so we got out the cushion and sat on the back of our boat in the sunshine. Pretty soon there were mullet all around us and my lad talked me into setting his rod up. 5 minutes later we hooked and landed the biggest in the shoal which was approximately 3lb. Result. Back home to sort the fishing stuff and buy a 1 day rod license. Bought it in the afternoon so we could then go again Thursday early morning (lasts 24h). A quick session in the gym followed by dinner saw us on the riverbank at 5pm. Managed to snaffle some roach and chub early doors and as the sun started going down the worms came out and we moved to a swim I used to catch Perch in 25 years ago. Bingo, 7 or 8 Perch landed in 20 minutes with a decent 12oz one for good measure. Bedtime for my 6 year old and 8 year old daughter who had come down a little later with mum. We walked back and they were tucked in bed by 20.30. I received a call from my dad wanting to plan a fishing trip on the boat this weekend so that was arranged. He asked if I had decided on a holiday for October half term because I've been talking about holibobs for 6 months but not pulled the trigger. 'We should just go carping in France' I told him. 5 minutes later and we were both searching the net for availability. Boom, there was a space at a familiar lake with nice gite for the family. This was coincidentally the last place I fished in fresh water until today. Wow, talk about signs from above. Lake and ferry booked and we're off to the place where a week saw us bank 9 30lb fish and 6 40lb carp. Calsberg don't do fishy days but if they did, Wednesday would have been one of them.
  12. billy2shots

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    Rocket Propelled Grenade might be more helpful.
  13. billy2shots

    Near miss whilst at Anchor off Southbourne.

    100yds! wow you're lucky. People pass me flat out at approx 25yds all the time when I'm anchored in and around the bay. There's literally open sea everywhere but I'm like a magnet that boats head for and then slightly adjust course at the last minute. I'm in a MF805 so not exactly small and the sea keeping is reasonable, yet I get water over the back and side regularly and anything that's not fixed down gets thrown around inside. My fishing partner (pops) regularly has to take a knee whilst putting the kettle on due to the hammering we take from near misses. It happens so often that we are getting used to it and just accept it as the selfish standard. We have questioned other boat users as to why they have come so close and when I say questioned I mean asked at a normal conversation volume not shout because the boats really are that close to us. We just get filthy looks in reply. A couple of weeks ago we were anchored at the secret ray Mark with 4/5 other boats. All within a decent cast of each other. Some plumb blastsed across the wreck and through the middle of our anchored semicircle. The channel was literally a stones throw away and empty yet this tw4t did that....
  14. billy2shots

    The Offside Rule for Girls

    Nah, it's 2018 and it's a self service till 😉
  15. billy2shots

    The Offside Rule for Girls

    Very good but we all know there should be 2 other girls in front making you 3rd in line. Pedantic mode off/