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  1. Happyhooker

    Happy Birthday.

    Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes,had lots of cakes and sweets ,still more to come on Monday (sorry Jim can’t share with you)
  2. Happyhooker

    Complete Newbie wanting to Kayak fish

    As you are not a sports fisherman you should also look at what you you can keep for the table ie bass and under size fish Most of Poole Harbour is a conservation area for bass Anything you need to know just ask .
  3. Happyhooker

    Flounder Competition Rescheduled 29th December 2019

    Happyhooker with Frank Yan and Collin will be fishing both comps
  4. Happyhooker

    Flounder Comp 15th December

    if some young fit members would like to launch happy Hooker for me and jan because we sure ain’t going to in that wind.
  5. Happyhooker

    48 hr Comp

    Happy Hooker will be out with Yan Southbourne way