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  1. PeteS

    Good old Wood

    I’ve got an old teak garden lounger you can have. I was going to repair it but changed my mind. Some good chunky bits on it, though it has been painted. I’ll put it on freecycle if you’re not interested.
  2. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian !
  3. Thanks guys for the birthday greetings. Only managed a beach walk on Sunday but did get out on the 22nd on 6 miles, glassy smooth to start and came across loads of gulls sat on water near cruise ship, just missed all the action ... Caught whiting, dogs and a couple of straps before got too rough for Bridget ...
  4. Hi Mal, Yes, it went 20lb 8oz. I entered info in “report a catch” for Jan 2021 but I don’t think you can view it yet
  5. What’s the best way to add a photo to “Report a Catch” ? I had this nice blonde on Sunday on 6 mile banks
  6. Decent whiting from 6-mile banks 4/11/20
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