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  1. StanS

    Warrior 165 for sale.

    Hi Brian, A gentleman in Christchurch.
  2. StanS

    Warrior 165 for sale.

    Now sold.
  3. StanS

    Warrior 165 for sale.

    Just added some photo's but not all as it seems to freeze after one or two.
  4. StanS

    Warrior 165 for sale.

    I have decided to sell my Warrior 165 to free up some money. If anyone is interested, you can message me on this post or phone me on 07734720144. or e-mail me on sscurfield@sky.com Warrior 165 2012 model. Suzuki DF70 with about 110 hours serviced in April. Suzuki 5HP auxiliary, brand new, bought in March but as yet has not been in the water. Stainless steel bait rail with cutting board. Four rocket launcher rod holders. New keel band. Two Quicksilver 25Ltr tanks new in March. Twin Batteries fitted with charging switch to charge one or both. Rear bench seat that I normally don't have in, but handy when taking the grandkids out for the day. Lawrence Elite 5 with new chart for south coast. New Lawrence 7Tl Roller coaster trailer. Fitted fishing tackle storage in cabin. VHF Radio. Lots of little extras that cost when buying a boat i.e. Anchor,rope,fire extinguisher, flares, Alderney rig. £13,000
  5. StanS

    Andy's Shop

    Charlie, Were is the shop please.
  6. StanS

    New bass limits 2016

    Signed 1,778
  7. StanS

    Fishing on Sunday

    Thanks Peter, I'd love to go out with you again, it was great. I like my little boat, but hey you can't beat a little comfort, when your Bassing next and you have a place, let me know. I got my bass, but would be nice to go with someone to see if i'm boing it right. But I did enjoy my day out.
  8. StanS

    Fishing on Sunday

    Nice day out. Thanks for putting me in the area Oli and all the guys who have commented on my post with help. Plenty of Mac's. one Ballon Wrasse and a Four and a Half Pound Bass. Ticked off my list. I was starting to think they only existed in the fish mongers. May even join the species comp next year. On the down side, don't those Cuttle Fish love jelly lures. Every time I hit the bottom they were after it, and followed it all the way back up. Great day out. One last thing. It has been said before on the site what a great club this is. You guys who have lots of experience and been doing this for years. You don't know how much your help and support is appreciated. I hope when I get older and more experienced I will be helping the new guys. OH just remembered I'm 65, I am old.
  9. StanS

    Fishing on Sunday

    Oli, thanks for that, great help. Off to get some rag tomorrow for Sunday. Cheers.
  10. StanS

    Fishing on Sunday

    Hi gents. can you help with some information please. Been out three times on my boat Sea-Nile. not got anything except a Red Gurnard, three Mac's and a dog fish. I'm planing to go on Sunday weather permitting. Now I wouldn't ask you to give me your marks, I don't think thats fair, you work hard to find them and I need to do the same. But looking on here you say Southborne Rough and X Ray? is that marked on the chart or is it some type of club secret code. I would love to catch a Bass, just one would be great. Also what terminal tackle do I need, are you just using lure's or do I need to buy some Squid. Finally I joined the club earlier in the year but haven't managed to get to the monthly meeting's because of working away from home, but will be there next week and looking forward to it. Thanks Stan
  11. StanS

    Bassing / Wrecking Portland Thursday

    Sorry Peter, just seen this, bit short notice to give work, after my Cod trip with you, I would have loved to get out with you again, maybe next time. Have a good one.
  12. StanS

    Anchor Trip

    Looks good if it works, For 12 pound I may order one to try.
  13. StanS

    Wrecking for cod We'd or. Thursday

    Also Peter, do I need to get some bait? Stan.
  14. StanS

    Wrecking for cod We'd or. Thursday

    Would love to come if you still have room? I'm a new member, so where and when. And cost please Stan.
  15. StanS

    Lowrance Elite 5

    Help. When I bought the boat, it came with a Lawrance Elite 5 chart plotter but no SD card. I contacted the guy I bought it from who said he would look to see if he could find it, but hasn't got back to me. So the question is, can I get a replacement card from somewhere? I assume buying a Navionics Gold card would be useless without the supplied basic card. OR do I just give up and save for a complete new one? Garmin looks good but expensive. OK just had a message from Lowrance in America. it doesn't come with an sd Card, so where do I buy charts on a card for southern England?