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  1. We'll be out tomorrow for a family day but will have a dangle at some point.
  2. Sadly my mate 'sea sick steve' was feeling query before the end of the swash! So we were limited to tucking ourselves out of the wind at Studland and back in on 11.30 Bridge! 🙄 On the plus side I did manage to catch some rays this afternoon 😎
  3. Solan - Rob and Steve (non member) fishing Saturday
  4. Thanks Jerry for persevering! 👏
  5. We tucked ourselves in to Swanage Bay this morning where we had a steady run of bream and the sea state kept improving. Best 1 lb 11oz to Chris. Well done to the Boblin crew who were pulling them in more rapidly than us. Usual idiots out there deciding to go between two boats at anchor rather than going around! 🙄
  6. Not sure if we're too late to officially enter but team Samways will be giving it a go today.
  7. Apparently, but I know less about coarse fishing than sea fishing ( which ain't much!)
  8. Happy birthday Chris hope you enjoy a pint somewhere
  9. The easterly meant I joined Chris for some carp fishing today. I've no idea but he tells me this is a rare beast.
  10. Happy birthday Jim 🎂
  11. Thanks for the report. Hoping for some bigger ones on Wednesday!
  12. Good luck Martin, let us know how you get on. Planning an early morning dangle Wednesday along the front.
  13. Low tide at Whitecliff, wish I'd been there a few days earlier for the really low tide.
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