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  1. Bobby Buoy

    Club Cod Comp November 17th.

    Madness - Dean - Jim - Martin Reel Magic- Dave- Mick Serenity - Tony - Ian Tigerfish - Steve, Alun Illusion.Bob ,Tom. Tarlach Too - Neil and Leo Kingfisher - Chris - Dave Wilson Loobie IV - Jerry - Jerry 2 - Kev - Jacob lady jane - Andy and Gordon Fisheagle - Allan and Mike Hall plus guest. Subject to my ankle and weather. Solan - Rob and Greg
  2. Bobby Buoy

    Ray Competition

    Thanks Stuie, never sure these days!
  3. Bobby Buoy

    Ray Competition

    Anyone know if there is a 9.30am bridge tomorrow?
  4. Bobby Buoy

    Ray Competition

    Martin, Jim & Terry on Madness Sunday Allan and Mike Hall plus non member on Fisheagle. Day to be decided. Sunday at the moment. Stuie & son Glen on Sea Dream - Sunday at the moment. Marlin - Greg and Brad Sunday Kingfisher - Chris and Blake, Saturday Solan - Rob and Chris (jnr) plus 2 non members fishing Sunday.
  5. Bobby Buoy

    Bream Comp 12th May

    Solan will be fishing the club competition on Saturday. All the family entering Rob, Lou, Chris jnr and Charlotte jnr. Good luck everyone!
  6. Bobby Buoy

    Twin Sails

    Just phoned Cobbs. They say the twin sails is back working today after the roadwork contractors managed to cut through the main electric supply from the Poole side!! Unbelievable. Beware....old bridge will be lifting first then the twin sails...then the old bridge again (regardless of time of day etc)
  7. Bobby Buoy

    Twin Sails

    Anybody know if it's back working on a normal bank holiday schedule today? Can't see any update on their web page. Currently spitting feathers into my cornflakes having just read the posts from yesterday and with a trip out planned today.
  8. Bobby Buoy

    Happy B'day Chris

    happy birthday Chris - have a good one!
  9. Good call. I wouldn't bother in those conditions with the kids on board.
  10. Sorry we couldn't join in this weekend. Family matters meant we had a boat full of people and fishing wasn't really on the agenda.
  11. Bobby Buoy

    Bream Competition

    Solan fishing Saturday
  12. Bobby Buoy

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp - Part 2

    No f in cod as they say. Came in early and had a pint instead! Nice first thing though and a few pout , whiting, strap and dogs to keep us interested until it got too windy.
  13. Bobby Buoy

    Poole Sea Angling Centre Cod Comp - Part 2

    Reel Bizzy - Kev, and Golden Balls (Stuie)Marlin Greg, NealWishin Too ,Nigel and ChrisMadness - Martin - Neil - room for 1 more crew member Solan - Rob and Martin (non member)
  14. Thanks for organising Rob (and others) - you did a great job. Well done to the winners...some great results!! My kids were chuffed with their prizes.
  15. Hi Rob, could you move Chris Samways into the under 11 group (he's 10). Thanks.