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  1. gaffa

    Ideal for Christchurch entrance

    Can't really see the purpose other than levelling the bottom. They have to remove the mud with diggers. Why level the bottom? Could it be that a floating digger and barge dredging system wouldn't work because the bottom is bedrock?
  2. gaffa

    Spooling a fixed spool reel.

    line spooler plenty around for under £20 . It has to be the way to go
  3. gaffa

    Get your Rods out!

  4. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Dave

    Happy Birthday Dave 🎂 Enjoy the day 🍻 Welcome to the ole farts Club
  5. gaffa

    Birthday greetings Jason & Andy

    Happy Birthday Guys 🎂 Enjoy the day🍹
  6. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Wedger

    Happy Birthday Trev. 🎂 Enjoy the day 🍻🥂
  7. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Sam

    Happy Birthday Sam. 🍻 Enjoy the day 🎂
  8. gaffa

    Cobbs fuel

    Why don't they invest in a spare New unit as this is not the first time there have been problems with the card payment system.
  9. gaffa

    Outboard Anode

    When I was on F pontoon I was on F167 next to yours. You must be in a lucky spot because I had to change most of my anodes twice a year.😢 Outboard anodes weren't too much of a problem because I kept OB raised so not all were in the water. Regular need to change anodes was one reason I went to dry stacking that and there was no need to anti-foul. I remember that there was boat about 5 berths down that always has a big anode dropped over the stern and wired to the battery negative when he was on the berth.
  10. gaffa

    Happy Birthday Jerry

    Happy Birthday Jerry 🎂 🍻 🥂 Enjoy the day
  11. gaffa

    More kts please

    Beg to differ My Bennet hydraulic tabs can adjust the planing angle to bring the bow down towards horizontal and once the sweet spot is reached the speed really picks up requiring a throttle back to prevent submarining the wave ahead. With an outboard its all a balance of trim and tab and throttle to get the best benefits in any sea condition. Wouldn't be without mine Thoroughly agree with Martins comment If I ever have to replace mine i would get a set that auto retracted and also indicated the tab position on the controls Forgot to fully raise my tabs once and drystack lift burst a ram so always check now
  12. gaffa

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    Ah a pukka live well pump NEAT
  13. gaffa

    Lockdown project - livebait tank

    A very professional job Adam What pump and or scoop system will you be using
  14. gaffa

    Who's out on the weekend?

    Unfortunately NOT ME Still observing lock down at the moment being in the high risk vulnerable old fogey with health issues category. The family have self isolated and locked me and Denise down for the time being having performed their own Risk Assessments. Quite enjoying having the shopping done for us you never know what will turn up. I am going to leave it a few more weeks yet to see how the R number is affected by the lock down relaxation and if things improve will probably escape and do a runner
  15. gaffa

    Bank Holiday Weekend

    That's why I chose a fibreglass car with a rugged ladder chassis when in my youthful sportscar era. well it wasn't really a sports car it was the first hatchback a Reliant Scimitar GTE. Looking back on it now it was a pig of a car but I did keep it for 12 years even had the engine and suspension rebuilt and upgraded. What a waste of time . Then along came the kids and the Vauxhall Cavalier FWD....with power steering what a revelation...that turned out to be a pig of a car as well.😩