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  1. Very Sad Day, I have fond memories of fishing on club charter boats with Dave. RIP Dave Condolences to Jackie and family Mikey B
  2. Wow, The detail is amazing. My Simrad has both down scan and side scan I'm looking forward to getting out in the bay for a look around when we can. Mikey B
  3. Mikey B

    Boat Talk

    Thanks Brian, Should I need it I'll send you a PM. Many Thanks Mikey B
  4. Mikey B

    Boat Talk

    Hi All, Thanks for the feed back. I going to try and remove the PTT assembly prior to treating with Trilux 33. It would be much better than truing to paint it in position. The Suzuki manual states you have to remove the R/H engine support. If that proves to be so I will struggle as I do not have a hoist to support the engine. I'll update you later Mikey B
  5. Mikey B

    Boat Talk

    Hi All, Now that I have retired and have all this time on my hands I have a few jobs to get on with. My new Suzuki DF150AP PTT unit was covered in barnacles and as you can see is not treated in any way. I removed the anode prior to its replacement . Obviously worked due to the amount it was eaten away. The PTT unit has no corrosion at all. I think it's impossible to remove the PTT unit without removing the engine supports. Not something I'm going to tackle. Do you think I should treat this with Tri
  6. Hi Guys, Hope you are all well. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I've also now retired so a lot of changes for me. Mikey B
  7. Hi Andy, I'm afraid you will need to trace the Positive cable back from the House fuse box to the House battery Positive terminal. You should come to the House Battery Isolator. Anything between and its wired incorrectly. Then straight to the positive terminal. Mikey B
  8. Hi Andy, I think the combined switch should be in the off position? The combine switch effectively joins both batteries together. The house isolator should be between the positive and the house fuse box. With this turned off the house fuse box should be dead (No Power) Turn the combine switch off and see what happens. Mikey B
  9. Hi Andy, The Pink wire goes directly to the positive post on the house battery only. The Black Negative wire from the house battery goes to the common Negative connections. All the battery negatives wire must be connected together. The battery positive isolator switch must be on the load side only. Between the battery Positive terminal and the house fuse box. The motor will charge both batteries at the same time. You can always give Suzuki UK Marine Technical Dept a call for further advice. Mikey B
  10. Hi , The latest Suzuki DF 150/350 range will indeed charge two batteries at the same time with two separated outputs from the motor. The house supply from the motor will be a pink 6mm cable with a ring terminal which should go straight to the house battery positive connection. I have purchased the kit from Suzuki in order to set mine up for a two battery set up. Check the motor main fuse box. The 40amp fuse should be moved from A to B to enable the second charging system. To avoid damage to the charging system no isolator is to be fitted in the pink cable.
  11. My Cap Camarat 6.5 CC the Delta anchor is 7KG I'm a fair weather fisherman and don't venture out too far now. Not really serious fishing any more its more about going out with the family and enjoying the day out. Not had an issue so far time will tell. Mikey B
  12. Hi All, Photos of the modified bow roller for my Cap Camarat. I made cardboard templates first to copy the profiles to the 316 stainless steel. I used all the existing fixing holes in the original roller so I can remove it if I wish. Rollers are 86mmx49mm for the large one at the front. The other two are 68mmx49mm. Front one moves up and down to allow the delta anchor to jam against the lower edge. No anchor movement at all when at sea. 316 Stainless is very hard to work by had so it took a considerable time to cut and profile with a
  13. Hi All, I tried to fit one similar on my Cap Camarat I could not get the screw undone so sent it back. Turns out screws are locked in with a type of lock tight. Made my own extension pieces and a Bow plate from 3mm 316 Stainless Steel. Nylon rollers of varying widths and diameters are available from Sea screw I'll send some photos when I get down to the boat. Mikey B
  14. Hi Rob, I was advised to park it up with with breaks off to avoid this issue. It will be interesting to see if they are seized in any way as they have never been in any water from new. Just standing for months. Take care Mikey B
  15. Hi Lads, Good point. I have thought of putting paving slabs under the stands. Mikey B
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